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Flower Etiquette in the Workplace: Sending a Bouquet to a Coworker?

They say, whenever we’re in the office, we spend more time at work than at home, catching up with colleagues, creating new strategies, and working on achieving strong results. So, it’s really no surprise that with all this time sharing successes and frustrations, we start to build strong relationships with our workmates.

With hybrid work models exploding in popularity, maintaining work friendships and linking up with your work buddies to have lunch or after-work drinks has never been more exciting. And what better way to strengthen these relationships than sending flowers.

When you fall short of words, flowers will always help express feelings and the sentiment of companionship, camaraderie, and overall happiness – the workplace is no exception, for both male and female workmates. Let’s take a look at the top three flower-giving etiquettes in the workplace

Giving flowers to a coworker

Going Back to the Office

An exquisite flower arrangement is the perfect gift for a colleague returning to work after an extended leave, holiday, or maybe even sickness. Keeping the Joy and Happiness Bouquet to avoid distractions and pompousness, chrysanthemums are a great option to send flowers online to someone at work. More than just to feast your eyes on, work plants and flowers have been proven to help relieve anxiety and stress, and boost our productivity, concentration, and energy levels.

Farris Wu, CEO of DecorMatters, an AI-powered interior design app, even stated: “Populating office spaces with plants is meant to raise humidity levels, improve the air quality, and lower the temperature too – an optimal work environment.” Even more so for those returning from a long break.

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Celebrating Good News

Has someone close to you at work got a recent promotion or a raise based on their hard work and outstanding performance? Nothing makes us happier than seeing those around us excel and exceed expectations. Let your work friends know how happy and proud you are of them with beautiful corporate floral arrangements.

When celebrating a joyous occasion, you may want to use bold, bright colors such as yellow, purple, and orange to directly transmit the feeling of accomplishment and admiration.

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Holiday Gift

Still, scratching your head thinking of a holiday gift that communicates both good etiquette and a solid relationship foundation? Flowers are the go-to home decorations for any national holiday, like Thanksgiving, and people are always more inclined to decorate their spaces with large, colorful blooms. Send your favorite work buddy a large red and green bouquet for Christmas or a blue and white arrangement for New Year. Flowers are simple and yet immediately ooze gratitude and show that you value your work relationships. 

Choosing a gift for someone at work can be tricky, check Gift Giving Ideas. Being cautious of not sending them anything compromising, like red roses, is key to maintaining important relationships. The good news is that there’s a Cream Roses Arrangement, Zen cymbidium orchid Arrangement, Tropical Breeze Arrangement to choose and there’s never a wrong occasion – they are sure to brighten up anyone’s day. If you’d still like more ideas on the ideal flowers to give to someone at work, browse through our catalog and Order Flowers Online for Delivery.



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