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Some Happy Times to Consider Giving Flowers

Flowers are the miracles of nature. Humans have learned to admire and enjoy the beauty of flowers since a very early stage of civilization, and since then, flowers have become an indispensable part of our lives. Even today, when we speak, walk, and consume technology, flowers have managed to retain their charm.

And humans are yet to invent a gift that conveys their feelings and emotions in a more beautiful way. Pretty bouquet of flowers has been, and always will be the best gift to offer to your close ones. If you are wondering what the perfect occasions to gift flowers are, well, you are in luck. Any happy occasion will instantly brighten up with the presence of flowers. Whether you’re sending a woman flowers at work or saying thank you with flowers, you can expect the same result every time-pure joy and happiness!

Want to know more about occasions to gift flowers? Here are some ideas.

Flowers for birthdays

Flowers for Birthdays

Are flowers an ideal birthday gift? A hundred times yes! You can never go wrong with colorful bouquet of flowers as a birthday gift simply because they can instantly make you happy and cheerful. The fragrance of fresh flowers works wonders for your mood, and the vibrancy just adds to the festive fun. Flowers are considered the perfect gift (along with chocolates and books!) for many other reasons such as:

  • You can’t decide what to gift: You can be confused while choosing a gift for many reasons. You might not be very familiar with the person’s likes or dislikes. Maybe your friend already has everything and you cannot think of a gift that he will appreciate. Or maybe you’re on a tight budget. In any case, you cannot go wrong with flowers.
  • You’re not physically present: Another reason to gift flowers might be that you are away and cannot be present for the birthday. Instead of sending any other materialistic gifts, a flower will be a meaningful way to say that you’re there with your dear one in spirit. The flower bouquet sent by you can be your representative.
  • You want to convey an unsaid emotion: You might also want to convey your unsaid emotions with flowers. For example, red roses express your deep love and passion, sunflowers represent a new beginning, lilies say congratulations, and white carnations express motherly love. So, using meaningful flowers can be a neat way to say those unsaid words.
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Top 5 types of flowers to gift on birthdays:

  1. Roses: Roses are the eternal symbol of love, romance, and passion. If it’s the birthday of your spouse, significant other, or the person you’re crushing on, don’t hesitate to express your feelings with roses.
  2. Lilies: Lilies are also a great choice for romantic birthday gifts, especially when you don’t want to go too mainstream with roses. It is also the number one birthday flowers for daughters, sons, and any other children in your family.
  3. Tulips: Tulips make great birthday gifts for friends, family, or colleagues.
  4. Orchids: Orchids survive a long time in a vase. That’s why this is the perfect birthday gift that the receiver can enjoy for a long time.
  5. Gerbera: Bright and colorful Gerbera flowers can make any birthday more special with their beauty.
Flowers for Mother’s Day
Flowers for Mother’s Day

Flowers for Mother’s Day

What can be a more fulfilling gift on Mother’s day than the all-natural and genuine gift of love in the form of flowers? It is a special gift because it’s so personal, and it’s coming straight from the heart. Flowers are the perfect way to let your mom know how much she means to you.

Carnations are considered to be the best flowers for mother’s day because of the myth associated with it. It is believed that seeing Jesus carry the cross on his shoulder, mother Mary broke down in tears and her tears became white carnations. That’s why carnations are associated with motherly love. However, if your mom has any other favorite flowers, go ahead and buy them for her. You can also choose a mixed flower bouquet designed by our expert florists of snapblooms.com.

Flowers for Fathers’ Day

Making Father’s Day special doesn’t require a lot of effort or money, as long as you can put in a little bit of thought with lots of love. Gifting your father with a well-thought bouquet of his favorite flowers can make the day significantly memorable. Our parents are the best gifts of our lives. Flowers are capable of expressing all the emotions that you feel every day but can’t express in words.

Happy father’s day flowers include Carnations, Lilies, Pink and White Roses, Orchids, or any other kind of flower your daddy prefers. If you want to go the extra mile, you can also choose from our selection of carefully crafted bouquets available on snapblooms.com.

Flowers on the First Date

Flowers on the First Date

Is it a good idea to gift flowers on the first date? You betcha! It is a bit risky to carry some expensive gifts as she might take it in the wrong sense. On the other hand, going empty-handed might look bad too. Flowers are the perfect escape route in this scenario. Plus, an extra score for thoughtfulness!

So, what flowers can you gift on a first date? Yellow roses don’t seem too appropriate because it gives out the message that you want to be ‘just friends’ with the person. For that matter, any yellow or orange flower is unadvisable. Instead, choose a mixture of white, pink, and purple hues, or go straight for an all-pink bouquet of carnations or lilies. You might also want to avoid reds if you don’t want to look too desperate.

Unless of course, you are in love with this person and want to express it with a single red rose, signifying love at first sight!

Flowers on Valentine’s Day

We are not even going to try and explain the significance of flowers on Valentine’s Day. Let’s just put it right out there- Valentine’s days are incomplete without flowers. Flowers, being the symbol of fertility, new beginnings, and all things positive, have a strong association with romantic occasions like Valentine’s days, weddings, and engagements.

Wondering which ones are appropriate flowers for my valentine? Traditionally, red and pink roses were the most popular and widely used I love you flowers in western countries. However, as time passed by, people inclined towards making their floral gifts more unique and personified. Choosing the perfect bouquet will depend on your taste and your valentine’s preferences. Anything from orchids to carnations, from peonies and alstroemeria to the good old long-stemmed-red roses can be a gesture of intense love, admiration, and appreciation.

Flowers for Anniversaries

Just like Valentine’s Day, anniversaries are another lovely occasion for gifting flowers. Whether it’s your own anniversary or someone else’s, flowers always tend to be the best gift ever!

If it’s your own anniversary, you can gift any Valentine’s flowers that we have mentioned above. If, however, you’re gifting for someone else’s anniversary, purple flowers are considered to be the best flowers for anniversary because it symbolizes intimacy and long-term relationships. Apart from that, any happy-occasion flowers like sunflower, chrysanthemum, carnation, lily, or gladiolus can make great gifts.

Flowers to Say Sorry

Done something that you regret? We think there’s nothing a heartfelt apology with a well-crafted I’m sorry flower bouquet can’t fix. If ever you find yourself in such a situation, remember the miracles of nature i.e. flowers. Be it your mom, dad, a friend, or the significant other whom you’ve hurt, if you truly feel sorry for your actions, say it with flowers and add a note expressing your genuine emotions of sorrow and regret. We are sure they won’t be able to stay mad at you for long afterward!

What are the best flowers for apologies? White flowers express feelings of remorse, sorrow, or sympathy the best. So, anything from white carnations, white chrysanthemums, white roses to white lilies and white daisies are appropriate choices. You can also add a few colorful flowers into the bunch of whites to make the bouquet more attractive. Green and white flowers are also good choices for expressing an apology.

Flowers for Wedding

Flowers for Wedding

When brides and grooms pay the utmost attention to every detail of their wedding, it is obvious that they will also want the perfect flower bouquet for the bride to carry on the most special day of her life. Indeed, choosing the flowers and settling for a bouquet design can be a complex job. And then there are bridesmaids’ bouquets, centerpieces, decoration flowers, there are so many to select! When it comes to bridesmaids’ bouquets, some people choose them to be the same while others want them to be different for each one.

Here are the top 10 wedding flower choices that you can use on your wedding day:

  1. Rose
  2. Lily
  3. Carnation
  4. Peony
  5. Succulent
  6. Daisy
  7. Gardenia
  8. Orchid
  9. Tulip
  10. Hydrangea

While choosing a bouquet design, do remember that you have to carry them for a significant amount of time. So, making it too heavy might not work. Silk flowers wedding bouquets are also becoming popular nowadays.

Flowers for Other Special Occasions:

Apart from the above-mentioned happy occasions, flowers make great gifts for many other big and small special occasions. Here are some instances:

  1. Make your wife or girlfriend’s day a little extra special by bringing her ‘good morning beautiful’ flowers in the bed. We swear her day will be made!
  2. Flowers are also a big part of housewarmings and baby showers. Baby shower flower arrangements should be simple yet attractive. For housewarming decorations, choose colorful bright flowers of orange, yellow, and purple hues that signify good luck and new beginnings!
  3. Send out some flowers with love when your sister or brother leaves home for college and show your care and support. A thoughtful gesture like this will definitely strengthen the bonds between siblings even more.
  4. Have some ‘Get well soon’ flowers delivered to the hospital for your injured colleague or sick friend, and help them recover faster by lifting up their spirits and moods.
  5. Graduations are another important occasion for gifting flowers. Lilacs are the best graduation flowers because it symbolizes confidence and a new beginning. That’s why when a person completes his/her studies and starts a new life as an adult, lilacs make a great gift.

To sum it up, literally, any happy occasion becomes happier with flowers. So, if you are thinking too much about whether it will be appropriate to gift flowers for an occasion, the answer is most definitely a resounding YES!



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