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How to Celebrate International Friendship Day

International Friendship Day is a special occasion to celebrate the precious bonds of friendship. Whether you have lifelong best friends or more recent companions, your friends bring joy, support, and meaning into your life. This Friendship Day, honor those relationships by finding thoughtful yet simple ways to show your friends how much you value their presence in your life. 

From sending flowers and thoughtful gifts to sharing quality time over good food and conversation, there are countless ways to celebrate in a way that is personalized and heartfelt. Have a happy international friendship day!

Send Friendship Day Flowers

Friendship Flowers

The perfect way to celebrate your friends is by sending them a friendship day flower bouquet. Flowers are a universal symbol of friendship, love, and care. Consider these best friend gift ideas:


These are fun and cheerful flowers for friendship. Pink carnations signify ‘I’ll never forget you’.


Bright and sunny daisies convey innocence and loyal friendship.


With their joyful faces turned towards the sun, sunflowers are an excellent symbol of friendship.

You can send flowers directly from an online flower delivery service for same-day or next-day delivery. Your friends will be touched by the thoughtfulness.

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Create Friendship Gift Boxes

Friendship Gifts

Put together creative friendship gift boxes filled with small gifts and treats for your friends. Include things like:

  • Friendship day cards
  • Friendship bracelets or jewelry
  • Candy or cookies
  • Fun stationery items
  • Mini hand sanitizers
  • Mini picture frames with photos of you together

Your friend will love receiving a special box filled with little treasures symbolizing your bond of friendship.

Have a Friendship Day Get-Together


There are numerous international friendship day activities, plan a fun friendship day get-together with your closest friends. You can organize:

  • A coffee meet-up
  • Lunch or dinner together
  • An at-home potluck party
  • An outdoor picnic

Spend quality time together reminiscing and laughing about memories. Appreciate each other for the roles you play in one another’s lives.

Make a Friendship Gift Basket

Friendship gift Basket

Create a friendship gift basket filled with items your friend would enjoy. Here are some friendship gift basket ideas to aim for a nice mix of:

  • Gourmet snacks along with a best friend flower bouquet
  • Useful items like hand soap, pens, tissues
  • Beauty or self-care products
  • Fun toys or gadgets
  • Favorite treats

Add a personal card expressing why your friend means so much to you. Your friend will treasure this customized gift basket.

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Give a Heartfelt Gift

Top it off with a heartfelt handwritten card or note expressing your gratitude for the gifts of laughter, support and love their friendship brings.

  • For best friends who mean the world to you, consider a more meaningful gift to show how much their friendship enriches your life.
  • For a gift for a female friend, useful gifts like a personalized journal, photo album, or self-care set make thoughtful presents.
  • For a gift for a male friend, consider practical yet sentimental gifts like a personalized money clip, wallet, vinyl record, or craft beer selection.

Cook a Meal Together

Have an at-home cooking class where everyone picks a dish to make. Enjoy a meal and have conversations around the table.

Friendship Get together

Watch a Movie Together

Rent some classic comedies or pick your friends’ favorite film. Make popcorn, grab blankets, and have a throwback movie night.

Play Games

Pull out old board games or card games and have a friendly competition. Games are a great way to bring friends together and have fun.

International Friendship Day

Take a Walk

Go for a stroll around your neighborhood or local park. Use the walk as an opportunity to catch up and enjoy each others’ company.

Gift Experiences

For a truly memorable best friendship gift, treat your friend to an experience like concert tickets, a game admission, or a gift card for their favorite coffee shop.

In closing, International Friendship Day is a perfect time to show loved ones how much you value and appreciate the bonds of friendship you share. Whether through thoughtful friendship gift boxes, quality time together or simply expressing heartfelt sentiments, spread the joy of friendship on this special day!

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