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10 Seasonal Flowers for Your Summer Wedding

Summer is the perfect season to hold an outdoor wedding. Warm weather, sunshine, and an abundance of colorful blooms make for a beautiful backdrop. Choosing the right seasonal flowers for your summer flower arrangements is key to achieving that fresh, summery look. Here are 10 of the best flower varieties to incorporate into your summer wedding designs.


The sprays of long-stemmed lisianthus flowers resemble tuberoses and give off a similar sweet perfume. These flowers for a wedding are available in white, pink, and purple hues and hold up well in warm temperatures and humidity. Add smaller stems to your summer flower bouquets and larger stems to your container gardens.

Wedding flowers

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Another traditional summer favorite, dahlias come in a rainbow of colors and sizes. The large blooms make a showstopping statement in arrangements. Choose semi-double or anemone forms that have fuller, more open blooms for a summery vibe.

Seasonal Wedding Bouquet
Seasonal Wedding Bouquet


Roses may seem like an odd pick for summer, but some varieties are specially bred for the warmer months. Look for heat-tolerant types like coral roses, floribundas, and grandifloras. Avoid fully double blooms that are prone to dropping petals in the heat.


With spires of multiple blooms on single stems, delphiniums make a dramatic statement at a summer wedding. The tall spires in shades of blue, pink, and purple add vertical interest to the arrangements. Consider cutting stems and rehydrating these wedding flowers in summer overnight for a longer vase life.

Wedding Bouquets Online
Wedding Bouquets Online


Nothing says summer like a sunflower- the best flowers for wedding venues. The large, cheerful blooms come in shades of yellow, orange, and rust and last for days. Choose shorter varieties that won’t tower over your guests. Add sunflowers to centerpieces, boutonnieres, and as table decor.

Sweet Peas

The intoxicating fragrance of sweet peas is a summer wedding must-have. Their long stems and range of soft pinks, purples, and whites make them ideal for nosegays and loose, textured bouquets. Look for heat-resistant varieties.

Summer Wedding Flowers
Summer Wedding Flowers


Peonies are a classic summer choice with their full, lush blooms in pinks, reds, whites, and purples. They have a long vase life and stay fresh for days, perfect for centerpieces and bouquets. While getting them via your local summer flower delivery, look for varieties that hold up well in warm temperatures.

Calla Lilies

With their elegant, trumpet-shaped blooms, calla lilies are a timeless choice for any occasion. They come in white and shades of pink, yellow, and orange and are easily available via online flower delivery. Callas hold their shape well in arrangements and have a good vase life at moderate temperatures.

Wedding flowers online
Wedding flowers online


The richly colored, abundant zinnias are probably the easiest summer flowers to find. Vibrant reds, oranges, yellows, and purples add happy pops of color against darker greens. Enjoy them as loose filler flowers or as a stand-alone accent.


The frost-like texture and pleasant fragrance of stock make it an excellent addition to wedding bouquets and arrangements. Choose pure white blossoms or two-tone shades of pink, blue, and purple. The relatively compact flower spikes stay fresh for days.

Seasonal flowers are a must for a beautiful wedding. The above-mentioned flowers thrive in summer weather and will add lovely color, fragrance, and whimsy to your special day. Simply choose your favorite wedding flowers and work with a local flower shop or online florist to create stunning arrangements within your budget. 

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