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What Flowers Should You Send for Easter Sunday?

When is Easter in 2022? This year, Easter Sunday falls on April 17. While many families will be able to celebrate together in person, for others, due to work, it still won’t be possible to spend the holiday as they usually would.

For those connecting from a distance, what better way to commemorate the occasion than a video call over Easter lunch with a stunning flower centerpiece? Or simply by sending a striking bouquet to let family members know that you’re thinking of them on a day usually spent together?

There are many different types of beautiful blooms that signal the arrival of spring and new beginnings that would be perfect to send flowers for Easter Sunday. Let’s take a look at the best types of flowers for Easter that will brighten your and your loved ones’ Easter.


Easter Flower- Daffodils

Nothing quite conjures up images of blooming bulbs and chirping chicks like the daffodil, the classic springtime flower. Daffodils have been historically associated with the coming of spring as they are one of the first perennials to bloom as winter comes to an end.

While daffodils do grow in white and orange, they are most commonly seen in shades of vibrant yellow. Sending an Easter flower bouquet of cheery yellow daffodils this Easter will be sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.

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Easter Lilies

What better time to send Easter lilies than for Easter itself? It’s common to see Easter lilies in churches during this time of year, but they also make a great addition to someone’s home as their white, blooming bulbs brighten up any room. Lilies symbolize new life and purity, so if anyone in your life has welcomed in a new baby around this time, these would make a great addition.

If you’d prefer to send some more vibrant colors; orange (or tiger) lilies represent confidence and pride, while yellow tones symbolize gratefulness and joy. If you’d like to send lilies to your significant other on Easter, then opt for red ones, which signify passion. Alternatively, turn to pink lilies to wish someone prosperity and abundance as spring gets underway. This stunning pink lily and orchid zen garden promise to add a dash of vibrance to any Easter Sunday dinner table.


Easter Flower-Tulip

Tulips are a historical symbol of spring as they usually start to emerge in March and April. While many people think this flower is native to the Netherlands, tulips actually came from Central Asia and were first cultivated in Turkey around 1,000 years ago. The tulip flower is one of the most popular flowers in the world, and symbolizes deep love and rebirth, making it the perfect bloom to send to your close family members or partner during this time of year.

Yellow tulips will bring cheer and vibrance to any home—especially needed during those typical April showers. White tulips have a meaning of purity, respect, and honor, and pink tulips signify affection and love—ideal for brightening the day of your special someone.


Easter Flower-Daisies

Daisies are a perfect option to send this Easter as they are one of the official birth month flowers of April. This cheerful flower represents purity and innocence, which stems from the Celtic legend that God would cheer up parents suffering the loss of a child by leaving daisies to grow over the earth.

Daisies can also symbolize motherhood, fertility, and new beginnings, so they are perfect flowers to send to someone in your life who may be expecting a child or has recently brought one into the world. The cheerful daisies make an ideal easter flowers arrangement to send this Easter.


Easter Flower-Crocus

One early spring bloom is the crocus, which has lovely purple and gold blossoms that can be seen peeking out from the rest of the snow. These are an Easter classic, ideal for joyful gatherings because they represent youth and enjoyment.


Easter Flower-Hellebore

Hellebore blooms in the late winter and early spring, making it the earliest blooming on the list. As a result, this perennial is also known as the winter rose. It’s associated with Lent especially since it blooms during this season in many locations, and, like many springtime flowers, it symbolises rebirth.


Easter Flower-Hydrangeas

They appear in a variety of colours, from light to pink to blue, and are another favourite spring flower. Hydrangeas symbolise gratitude and understanding as an Easter gift. They’re commonly grown as landscaping shrubs, creating lovely snowballs of blooms, and relying on the climate, they can bloom as early as Easter.

Need some more inspiration on what flowers to send for Easter? Also, check out our Spring Flowers collection for a beautiful range of springtime blooms.



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