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Top 3 Reasons You Need To Switch To SnapBlooms

Online sales are more relevant than ever, reaching 24% growth while store-based sales declined 7% in 2020.

As a means to stay relevant and adapt, retailers from many different industries are ramping up their e-commerce strategy to meet the needs of today’s consumers.

The floral industry is no exception to this accelerated digitalization. In order to meet your customer’s expectations, and increase sales while staying relevant, retailers and small business owners, like yourselves, need to build e-commerce into your business framework. Here at SnapBlooms we understand your needs and know how to help your business maximize sales with this channel shift. Here are the top 3 reasons why SnapBlooms would be the perfect fit for your floral business.

1. We are floral industry professionals

It’s so easy to communicate with someone who speaks your language and understands your pain points. This makes finding an appropriate and satisfying strategy to boost your sales easier.

SnapBlooms serves as the direct link between your shop and the customer, giving you a much greater reach to help expand your customer base. Unlike order gatherers and middle-man floral deliveries, you’ll receive 100% of the order value (minus a small SnapBlooms commission), giving you back your independence from these wire services who don’t really have florists’ best interests in mind. The end result? Better business, better bouquets for your customers, and more sales.

2. We have the ability to gain client trust

Small businesses can use our platform to manage customer support and refunds in a faster and more effective manner. This aids in the development of customer trust. People are hesitant to buy from small businesses because they are concerned about the quality of service they will receive. Small businesses can establish a reputation by selling their products on a huge online marketplace like ours. They are comfortable making payments on our site and do not hesitate to share their card details, as they might on a newly launched site.

3. We help increase customers and sales

One of the biggest challenges that online businesses face is converting site visitors to customers, successfully completing a sale. This could be due to a number of reasons, the most common one is cart abandonment. Although it is nearly impossible to mitigate completely, there are a few ways to improve the e-commerce experience and combat cart abandonment.

Both you and your customers know that there’s nothing worse than a cumbersome or insecure check-out process. We focus entirely on building trust with our customers during this process by ensuring a secure encrypted payment when handling sensitive credit card information. Also, the customers can clearly see the entire check-out process, eliminating the worry that the transaction will be more time consuming than expected. These best e-commerce practices aligned with our marketing expertise are the perfect formula to help guide your business to maximizing sales through existing and new traffic.

Typically, when small shops think of going online to extend their businesses, they’re not tech savvy, with many of them unaware of the importance of an efficient platform and the impact it may have on their sales. By choosing an industry specialized site such as SnapBlooms, you are giving your customers the power to buy from any device at any time and providing your business with the best fitted solution to help grow revenue. If you’re ready to maximize your sales, reach out to us today and get started.



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