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Flower of the Month: Peony

Nothing says springtime quite like blossoming peonies! This big, beautiful pastel flower blooms from late spring to early summer and never fails to take our breath away. With over 40 species of peony, their captivating beauty is typically seen in interior design magazines or elegantly decorating floral arrangements at special events.

Yet there’s so much more to these blooms than their pretty petals. In this blog we’ll dive into their origin, the different meanings behind the flowers and the ideal occasions to gift peonies to your significant other.

Where Do Peonies Come From?

Native to China, peonies were the country’s national flower up until 1929, after which they were replaced by the plum tree. Highly valued, they’re often referred to as the “king of flowers” and are associated with nobility, honor and wealth due to their popularity during the Sui and Tang dynasties.

Nowadays, peonies are actively grown in Asia, Europe and Western North America. They are shipped all over the world just in time for spring and wedding season, making them one of the most popular and in demand flowers, especially for flower delivery, out there.

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Red peony flowers in garden.

What Do Peonies Represent?

Rich in greek mythology, in one of the tales it is said that Paeon, the physician of the Greek gods, used a peony root for the very first time to heal Pluto. This act of wisdom raised jealousy in Aesculapius, the god of medicine, who then attempted to kill Paeon. However, Pluto, showing compassion, saved Paeon by transforming him into a flower that he knew people would praise and admire, thus giving peony the meaning of compassion.

It’s undisputed that the popularity of peonies in flowers has grown and extended worldwide over time due to their sheer beauty and symbolism. For example, in the US, the peony is the Indiana state flower. In China, they play a large role in the traditional events such as Chinese New Year due to their popularity and importance over the years. In Kosovo, red peonies are often used as a symbol of remembrance, representing the blood of many fallen soldiers during the Battle of Kosovo in June 1389.

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When Should You Gift a Peony?

Peonies have become a favorite for floral designers, wedding planners, and general decor bloggers – and for all the right reasons! Loved for their luscious, abundant petals and bright colors, these flowers are the perfect gift for any occasion as their wide array of colors can express many different sentiments.

If you find yourself in the dog house, the white peony is the go-to flower for expressing remorse and making amends. Not only does the color symbolize beauty but also shame and regret, so, make sure to grab a few white peonies on your way to say “I’m sorry”.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a way to let someone know you love them and deeply respect them, you can’t go wrong with red peonies. Surprise them on a date night and let the flower do the talking for you.

Are you looking for the perfect welcoming gift for your new neighbors? Or perhaps want to congratulate someone on starting a new job? Sending flowers like the stunning yellow peonies are the ideal gift for those starting a new chapter in their lives, symbolizing joy and new beginnings.

No matter the occasion, sending flowers like peonies will always help express your feelings the most beautiful way possible. If you still haven’t found the perfect bouquet to celebrate a special moment or simply to brighten up your home, visit our Gift Giving Ideas page and browse through our large collection of arrangements.



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