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What Flower to Gift When Welcoming a Baby?

So a family member or a close friend just had a baby, and you’re looking for the perfect welcoming gift to match this joyous occasion. Treating the family with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers with lovely colorful blooms and an uplifting scent is a great way to welcome the little bundle of joy.

Before going online and ordering the best flowers to celebrate the newborn, you must remember that flowers for babies shouldn’t have a strong scent as you wouldn’t want to overwhelm the little one’s nose. Also, it would be ideal to send flowers on the day the baby is born, but we all know that knowing the exact date can be tricky. Luckily, SnapBlooms allows you to order same-day flower deliveries or program your shipping accordingly.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the best flowers to gift when welcoming a baby.

Flowers for a Baby Boy

Traditionally, when there’s a newborn, the sex usually dictates what color of flowers to gift the family; blue for a baby boy and pink for a baby girl. This makes the ideal bouquet for the newborn even more heartwarming and special.

Flowers for a baby boy usually contain hues of blue – coming from hydrangeas and white roses mainly. Other flowers rich in meaning, such as freesias, delphiniums, and irises, also help express prosperity, friendship, and eternal love – all of which sum up every new parent’s wishes for their new baby.

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Flowers for a Baby Girl

Flowers for a Baby Girl

It is really easy to get creative with the different shades of pink available for floral arrangements and bouquets. This wide variety of options contains anything from gorgeous peonies to carnations and striking pink roses.

The pink blooms usually represent gentleness, unconditional love, innocence, and femininity which are ideal to gift any baby girl. These blossoms make a perfect mix with the subtleness of white hues and flowers found in lilies and roses, giving the bouquet an extra touch of delicacy and softness.

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Flowers for the New Parents

The beauty of flowers is that they are so rich in meaning, making the celebratory moment even more special when we hand-pick the blooms to gift.

Cherry blossoms, for instance, are widely associated with spring and new life in many countries, especially Japan- making them a popular choice to gift new parents. Daffodils also represent new beginnings and joy, always reminding the new parents of their child’s special day. The cheerful gerbera daisies are another perfect welcoming flower with their large, extravagant petals in many vibrant hues of orange, yellow, pink, and green.

New Born Baby Gift with Message

Make Your Gift Extra Special

After choosing your bouquet of preference to welcome the new member of the family, why not add a personal touch with a sentiment-filled message on the card. Add a heartfelt message expressing your love and congratulations to the new family. Some examples are “There’s no greater joy to add to a family than a new life! Congratulations!” and “Little one, you’re taking up a lot of space in our hearts! We love you!

Welcoming new babies call for a beautiful bouquet. If you’re still scratching your head trying to decide which arrangement best expresses your overall happiness, SnapBlooms has you covered. Take a look at our catalog and order your “Welcome Baby!” arrangement today.



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