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Flower of the Month: Proteas

Exotic, diverse, and incredibly beautiful. These are the words that come to mind when we think about proteas. Originally from South Africa, this flower is now appreciated all over the world and is highly valued among bouquet designers, brides, and home decor enthusiasts.

Proteas have charmed us for over 300 million years and are considered to be one of the oldest families of flowering plants on the planet. Nowadays, varieties of proteas are being cultivated commercially across the United States Pacific Coast, some parts of Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand, Colombia, and of course South Africa.

It’s true what they say about beauty coming in all shapes and sizes. Proteas were inspired by Greek mythology and said to be named after Proteus, son of Poseidon, who was a shape-shifter, highlighting the vast variety of proteas in the world.

Protea Flower Delivery

Although South Africa is commonly associated with Proteas – the King Protea being their national flower – it’s Australia that actually houses the largest collection of these species in the world, with over 850 varieties. South Africa comes in second, with more than 330 species. Many different varieties are exported and commercialized daily, but you might be familiar with some of the following species below, as these are the top four most popular proteas: 


Usually mixed in bridal bouquets, wreaths, and dry flower arrangements, the brenda is an excellent cut flower choice to brighten up and give life to any room. They are known for their hot pink tones, glossy finish, and silver-grey leaves, making them an ideal focal flower for any bouquet.

Red Ice

The red ice protea is very similar to the brenda but tends to be a deeper pink to red blossom. Their distinguished color makes the flower a typical choice for tropical bouquets, making these arrangements pop. 


The pincushions, also known as the leucospermum, usually come in shades of yellow, orange, and red. This flower is actually a composite bloom, made up of smaller flowers that emanate from the flower head, honoring its name as it resembles a pin cushion.

King Proteas

The majestic king protea got its name from its crown-like shape. The head of the flower can easily reach up to 12 inches in diameter, having the largest flower head in the family and one of the most expensive flowers in the market. The king protea became South Africa’s national flower in 1976, popular all over the country in gorgeous shades of pink and white.

Protea Flower Delivery

What Do Proteas Represent?

Although this ornamental flower is usually used in high-end wedding decor, bridal bouquets, and other floral arrangements, you too can share its beauty by sending flowers to your loved ones on special occasions. Proteas are often associated with transformation, courage, and daring, making them an ideal flower to send to those starting a new job, becoming a mother, or going through any meaningful chapter in their life.

Perhaps you might also choose a lovely Floating Protea Bouquet to be delivered to your loved one on an anniversary or just because to brighten their day and show them how much you care.

No matter the occasion, a protea’s striking beauty makes a lasting impression, making it very unlikely to ever be forgotten. Order your Perky Plumes and Protea Wedding Flowers online today and surprise your significant other.



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