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Popular Types of Irish Flowers

Grown in the Emerald Isle, Irish flowers are too fantastic to be authentic. Despite the chilly climate across the country, the rolling green fields of Ireland are overflowed with a wide variety of beautiful Irish flowers that can soothe a soul. The rainbow of colorful wildflowers, the traditional green Shamrock, or perhaps the four-leaf clover can instantly make you fall in love. This guide will focus on the popular types among the Irish country flowers.

Irish Flowers Origin

Irish flowers are the native flowers to Ireland. Ireland is a country located off the coast of the Northern Atlantic. Water bodies surrounding it make the land suitable for the Irish flowers. When you think of Ireland, the first thing that generally comes to your mind is their famous four-leaf clover, also known as the luck of the Irish; therefore, the Irish flowers are commonly associated with the Emerald Isles because of their origin.

Irish Flowers Meaning

Irish Flowers Meaning

Irish flowers have never been so crucial before as they are in our climate currently. Their existence can represent faith, wisdom, courage, hope, admiration, and luck. Irish flowers come with a considerable variety, meaning specific flowers have their own meanings. For example, the famous Shamrock, also known as the national flower of Ireland, is considered lucky and sacred. Whereas the Easter Lilies, also an Irish flower, symbolize peace in Ireland. Irish flowers are the beautiful peace of nature given on happy occasions as their vibe is cheerful and joyous.

Irish Flowers Symbolism

Irish flowers have a wide range of different kinds of flowers that come with diverse signific symbolism. Ireland is well known across the world because of the few flowers and their symbolism, like Shamrock, which is a three-leaf clover and it is technically a plant. Shamrock is the national flower of Ireland, and it was once an essential symbol in ancient Ireland. As per Irish legends, the three-leaf clover was used by Saint Patrick as an educational symbol to explain the Holy Trinity. So, this flower is also a symbol of St. Patrick’s Day. Easter lilies are also considered as a flower wearing a unique character. This beautiful Irish flower symbolizes remembrance which has lasted their lives for the country. These flowers are also a symbol of peace and purity as the petals of this flower are white.

Types of Irish Flowers

Shamrock and Easter lilies are the most recognizable plants in Ireland, but we should not overlook the other splendid Irish flowers that thrive on the evergreen grass fields of Ireland. Here are some subtle Irish Flowers that are worth our attention.

Bog Rosemary- Types of Irish Flower

Bog Rosemary- These wildflowers are found in the country’s center. Bog Rosemary flowers are known for their small structure with a sweet pale pink. These flowers are native to Ireland and usually bloom in early May.

Sheep’s Bit- Like the Scottish thistle, Sheep’s bit is an Irish purple flower blooming between May and September. These round-shaped flowers have thinner leaves, and the petals are a mix of blue and purple.

Wild Cherry- Wild Cherry is one of the most beautiful Irish flowers found in Ireland. These flowers are on the rare side and have two different species.

Poppies- These Irish flowers have a significant symbol; poppies are worn to remember those who sacrificed their lives during World War I because they grew throughout the battlefield in Europe. These flowers are controversial yet pretty. They have a black center surrounded by their papery red petals.

White Clover- These Irish flowers grow freely along the countryside. They usually bloom from May to October. White clover is used as a crop cover as its leaves attract bees and butterflies.

Buttercups- The name of this Irish flower is derived from its tiny cup-shaped scales that hold its nectar. Buttercups usually bloom in the warmer months in the calendar.

Primrose- Types of Irish Flower

Primrose- Primrose is an early spring flower. These Irish flowers are considered sacred and the key to heaven. These flowers have a powerful fragrant scent. Usually, primroses are placed in doorways of Ireland households as a signal to fairies to keep their homes safe and sound.

The Conclusion

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