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Aster Flower: Origin,  Meaning, and Symbolism

Aster is one of the most visually pleasing flowers you would ever see. The colors of asters are pink, purple, and blue. These flowers are native to Europe and some regions of Asia. They require moderate temperature with a decent amount of water to grow properly. Aster has a gorgeous texture along with attractive aromas which makes it an ideal flower for happy occasions. The bright colors of aster make the ambiance very cheerful and happy. They are an excellent choice for decoration as well due to their bright colors. Asters look very beautiful in oval bouquets due to their circular shape.

What is an Aster Flower?

Aster September birth flower grows in regions of Europe and Asia. Aster mythology says that it is a sacred flower. It was considered to be a symbol of a star in ancient cultures. The aster flower could be used for decoration as well as gift purposes. We can guarantee you that your friends, family, or loved ones would surely cherish a beautiful bouquet of aster. Our store and online website have some of the finest ranges of aster. 

Aster Flower Origin

Aster Flower Origin

Aster is originally found in Greece which is situated in Europe. In ancient Greek culture, it was believed that aster was created from the tears of god. It has been considered to be a sacred flower and was used for the worship of gods in ancient Greece. Aster growing season is summer and fall. The aster was also considered to be a star in ancient cultures as it was shaped like a star. These flowers look beautiful and also have a decent aroma which makes them perfect for any happy occasion. The aster flower bloom time is late summer to give to your family or friends.

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Aster Flower Meaning

The meaning of the aster flower is wisdom, faith, and valor. It is considered to be a sacred flower in ancient Greek culture. It was considered to be faster due to its star-like shape. Aster is one of the most gorgeous flowers found around the globe and it is very eye-pleasing. Aster has sharp leaves which look really attractive. Many countries like China, India, and Persia considered these flowers pure and were often associated with brides in ancient times. Aster is considered to be a symbol of love and hope. 

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Aster Flower Symbolism

The aster flower symbolizes wisdom, faith, and valor. In many countries, many lovers tend to give their partners a bouquet of beautiful aster on any happy occasion. It is considered to be the flower of love and sacrifice. The flower originally belonged to Europe, however, with time it has been found in Asia and America as well.

Aster Flower Colors Meaning

Aster Flower Colors Meaning

It is one of the rare flowers that are given on happy as well as sad occasions. In many cultures, it is considered to be a funeral flower as well. However, it is used as wedding flowers in various cultures. The aster spiritual meaning is grace and beauty. These flowers were originally found in Asian and European regions. However, it was taken by American travelers and they continued to grow to date.

Here are some of the colors of aster and their meanings- 

  • Pink aster flower meaning– The pink aster flower meaning is wisdom and faith.
  • White aster flower meaning– The white aster flower meaning is purity and innocence.
  • Purple aster flower meaning– The purple aster flower meaning is wisdom and royalty.
  • Red aster flower meaning– The red aster flower meaning is love and faith.

The Final Words

Aster’s bright colors and attractive fragrance create a very lively ambiance. These flowers are loved by every individual as they are perfect summer flowers. These Blooms do not need very much maintenance so they can be grown almost everywhere. We at SnapBlooms are also providing same-day delivery services.


What does an aster flower look like?

The aster flower looks like a star.

 Is aster a perennial?

Yes, aster is perennial.

How long do aster flowers last?

Aster flowers last for several weeks.



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