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Jasmine Flower: Origin,  Meaning, and Symbolism

Jasmine is one of the most gorgeous flowers you would ever find. These flowers usually grow in moderately temperate regions. It is available in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceania regions. These flowers are excellent for the purpose of decoration as well as gifts. There are more than 200 species of jasmines available all over the globe. There are mainly two jasmine flower types which are the regular one and the Arabic jasmine. They have been used for decoration as well as gift purposes due to their bright colors. Giving Jasmine flower bouquets are one of the best gifts for our loved ones.

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Jasmine Flower Origin

The jasmine flower is native to Asia and the East Indies. It needs moderate temperature along with an adequate water supply to grow properly. In ancient Arabia the name of the jasmine flower was Yasmine. It was considered to be a symbol of good luck and love. It was usually seen in the hands of princesses and beautiful ladies of the country. Jasmines are one of the most beautiful tropical exotic flowers found around the globe. The gorgeous texture and attractive aroma of the flower made it very popular among the population. It became so popular in ancient times that it has even been mentioned in ancient Chinese folklore. Another species of jasmine which is the Arabian jasmine is native to India and Southeast Asia. 

Jasmine Flower Meaning

The jasmine flower meaning is love, beauty, and sensuality according to the ancient Egyptian language of flowers. Every color of jasmine has a unique meaning of its own. Jasmine and Arabic jasmine are available in various colors such as red, pink, white, and various others. These flowers are often given on happy occasions as they give a very happy and cheerful vibe. Some of the best jasmine flower arrangements are vertical as well as crescent bouquets. 

In the United States of America, the jasmine flower is widely used for the purpose of decoration of houses as they are very visually attractive and they have a very pleasant fragrance. SnapBlooms offers local flower delivery that provides same-day flower delivery service on an urgent basis. It is even believed that planting jasmine flowers outside the house create good luck. These flowers require adequate water and a cool atmosphere to grow properly.

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Jasmine Flower Spiritual Meaning

The spiritual symbolization of the jasmine flower is purity, sensuality, modesty, and inspiration. Jasmine is one of the most beautiful flowers found around the globe. It gives a very calm and happy vibe. It is an excellent choice for decoration purposes due to its bright colors. We can guarantee you that your friend, family, or soulmate would cherish a beautiful bouquet of jasmines.

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Jasmine Flower Symbolism  

The jasmine flower symbolizes love, beauty, and purity. It is the native flower of Asia, Europe, and Africa. 

Jasmine Flower Colors Meaning

Jasmine Flower Colors Meaning

The jasmine is mainly found in white colors however, there are many other colors such as blue, purple, and red. All of these colors have different meanings and symbols. The jasmine is an excellent choice for decoration purposes at weddings or anniversaries as they look very attractive. So we present you some of the colors of jasmine along with their meanings-

  • Yellow Jasmine flower meaning- The yellow jasmine symbolizes affection, joy, and friendship.
  • White Jasmine flower meaning- The white jasmine symbolizes love and sensuality.
  • Purple Jasmine flower meaning- The purple jasmine symbolizes inspiration and modesty.
  • Blue  Jasmine flower meaning- The blue jasmine symbolizes honesty and trust.
  • Pink Jasmine flower meaning- The pink jasmine symbolizes new love and affection.
  • Red Jasmine flower meaning- The red jasmine symbolizes passion and love.

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The Conclusion 

The jasmine flowers bring in a sense of happiness and calmness into the ambiance which is excellent for any happy occasion. They have a beautiful texture along with an attractive fragrance. Giving it to your loved ones will definitely create magic between your bonds. We assure you that your loved one would love a vertical bouquet of Arabian jasmine. 


Is jasmine easy to grow?

Yes, jasmines are easy to grow.

What goddess is jasmine associated with?

Jasmine is associated with the goddess of beauty, Aphrodite.

What is special about the jasmine flower?

The specialty of jasmine flowers is its strong fragrance.



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