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What do Blue Flowers Mean?

Blue is considered one of the most popular colors for bouquets and arrangements. But what makes blue so special? It’s one of the most beautiful colors in the world, with a range of hues, tones, and shades that are unlike any other color. Even though blue is one of the most common colors in the world, it still retains its unique beauty and magic. Let’s explore how we may appreciate the beauty of blue flowers throughout the year by looking at some Blue flowers meaning, Blue flowers names for each season.

Blue Flowers Meaning & Symbolism

Blue flowers are widely used in various cultures, often in religious and spiritual contexts. For example, the blue lotus is a symbol of purity in Hinduism and Buddhism. In Buddhism, the blue lotus is also a symbol of spiritual attainment. Another example of a blue flower is the cornflower, which is a symbol of love and fidelity.

List of Blue Flowers Names

  • Azure asters
  • Balloon flowers
  • Glory of snow
  • Iris
  • Siberian squill
  • Blue starflower
  • Grecian windflower
  • Blue salvia
  • Lily of the Nile
  • Cornflower
  • Lobelia
  • Himalayan Blue Poppy
  • Lily of the Nile
  • Hydrangea
  • Columbine
  • Globe Thistle
  • Bellflower
  • Forget Me Not
  • Flax
  • Gentian

Autumn Blue Flowers

Blue flowers in the fall are one of nature’s most beautiful sights. They bloom year-round, but in the fall they are especially stunning when only orange and red shades can be seen.

Autumn Blue Flowers

Azure asters

Meaning- Asters get their name from the Greek word “Star” because their blooms resemble stars. They represent love, knowledge, faith, and color. 

Origin- Asters are native to North America and come in a wide range of varieties and classifications.

Balloon flowers

Meaning- Balloon flowers represent unending love, sincerity, devotion, and the want for a friend to return.

Origin- Balloon flower, also known as Chinese bellflower, is a perennial bellflower family flowering plant native to East Asia.

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Winter Blue Flowers

Blue flowers fade as winter approaches and they are replaced by red, orange, and yellow flowers.  Still, there are many that can’t be replaced and continue to bloom.

Winter Blue Flowers

Glory of snow

Meaning- A snowdrop is a small Blue flower that is one of the first signs of spring, and a symbol of optimism across the globe.

Origin- These cheerful small late winter-blooming bulbs are native to Western Turkey and are among the earliest to bloom.


Meaning- They can represent trust, hope, bravery, knowledge, and admiration, among other things. The color of the flowers imparts meaning to the beautiful blossoms. For example, blue iris flowers represent faith and hope.

Origin- The roots of the iris flower can be traced back to Virginia, where bulbs were most likely planted in the 1600s.

Spring Blue Flowers

Blue flowers in spring seem to come out of nowhere and bloom in all kinds of surprising places. They are a symbol of renewal and have been used in poetry and paintings to symbolize hope and new beginnings.

Spring Blue Flowers

Siberian squill

Meaning- Scilla represents steadfastness, fidelity, and loyalty.

Origin- Scilla siberica, often known as the Siberian squill or wood squill, is a flowering plant endemic to southern Russia, the Caucasus, and Turkey.

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Blue starflower

Meaning- Blue Starflowers, which are members of the Amsonia family, are thought to represent desirable qualities such as perseverance, persistence, and strength.

Origin- It is predominantly found in North America, with one species also found in East Asia and the eastern Mediterranean.

Grecian windflower

Meaning- The anemone has two meanings in Greek mythology: the entrance of spring air and the death of a loved one, but the Victorians took a different approach to the gorgeous blooms, using them to signify a forsaken love.

Origin- The Balkan anemone, also known as Grecian windflower or winter windflower, is a flowering plant. Southeastern Europe and the Middle East are home to this species.

Summer Blue Flowers

You can find blue flowers in the fields around you in summers, even in your own backyard. They are often featured in wedding bouquets, as they are considered the most expensive flower.

Summer Blue Flowers

Blue salvia

Meaning- This flower species is associated with knowledge, longevity, and good health. This plant is frequently given to people who are recovering from illness and can be bought from any flower shop Greeneville TN easily.

Origin- The hallucinogenic plant diviner’s sage, sometimes known as salvia, is endemic to Mexico.

Lily of the Nile

Meaning- Agapanthus derives its name from two Greek words: “agape,” which means “love,” and “anthos,” which means “flower.” These plants with Blue flowers are the flowers of love when seen as a whole. The African roots of the lily have also earned it the distinction of being called “African lily” and “Lily of the Nile.”.

Origin- The lily blossom was considered sacred by the Minoans, and a painted representation of one was discovered in Crete around 1580 B.C. The majority of lily species are endemic to the Northern Hemisphere, including Asia, Europe, and North America.


Meaning- The Cornflower is a modest reflection of nature’s basic beauty and the completeness of life’s cycle, representing good hope for the future.

Origin- Cornflowers, which are native to Europe, are commonly planted as garden plants in North America and have naturalized as an invasive species in some locations outside of their original range.


Meaning- They are associated with love in some cultures and good luck or fortune in others. These flowers are frequently used in jewelry to represent love or friendship.

Origin- A rapid cosmopolitan diversification of Lobelia is believed to have occurred 20 million years ago in southern Africa. Madagascar and eastern Asia, the Mediterranean, North America, South America, and Australia all acquired the species later.

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