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Lily Flower: Origin, Symbolism & Meaning

Lily flowers are one of the oldest flowers to have existed in the world that are still around, and there are various mythologies attached to these magnificent blooms. Because of its charm, elegance, and exquisite fragrance, the lily has an important place in history and today’s cultures. The lily is known as a pure flower, so it’s no surprise that it’s frequently seen at weddings and other elite events. It also provides a lovely sense of sophistication to any home.

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One of the main reasons for its popularity is the versatility they offer. Lily blooms come in so many shapes, sizes, colors, and looks. They are also very hardy flowers that stay fresh in vases for weeks. These flowers are available easily, and thanks to their many different looks, they can be used for any occasion imaginable. For these reasons, lily flowers are considered to be one of the top 5 flower in the world.

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History of lily flowers

Lily flowers have been around for longer than you imagine. There’s a documented mention of lily flowers (in form of an image) that dates back to the 16th century BC. Today, lily flowers have more than hundred natural and hybrid subspecies. 

What does the name ‘Lily’ mean?

The name ‘lily’ comes from the Latin word ‘lilium’. They denote the beautiful delicate flower.

Where do lilies come from?

Lily flowers have several subspecies and they originate from different geographical areas. Most of the original lily species originate from Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

Mythologies linked to lily flowers

Lily flowers have various mythological connotations attached to them. In Greek mythology, lily is the flower of Hera, the wife of Zeus. In roman mythology, lily is the favorite flower of Venus.

What do lilies symbolize?

Different types of lilies Flower
Different types of lilies Flower

Different types of lilies are associated with different symbolisms, such as:

Asiatic Lily: Symbol of Marriage and Purity

As the name suggests, Asiatic lilies are native to Asia. They are a hybrid type of lilies, and they are pretty easy to grow. Asiatic lilies come in various colors, and they symbolize marriage, purity, love, and spirituality.

Oriental lily: The Perfect Symbol for Weddings

People often confuse oriental lilies with Asiatic ones, however, although both of them are hybrids, they are essentially different than each other. The biggest different between them is the fragrance. While oriental lilies have an intoxicating aroma, Asiatic lilies have no smell. Oriental lilies are perfect for weddings and other romantic occasions, and they come in shades of red, pink, and white.

Calla Lily: Symbol of Faith, Purity and Strength

Calla is a species of lily with bulbous flowers that come in various colors including white, purple, pink, etc. calla lilies are perennial flowers that originate from the African continent. Calla lilies symbol faith, loyalty, purity and commitment, hence, is great as wedding bouquet flowers.

Tiger Lily: Symbol of Wealth, Positivity and Pride

Tiger lilies resemble the looks of the magnificent beast it shares its name with. They primarily come in bright orange hues with black spots towards the center. Tiger lilies are one of the most expensive and rare species of lilies. They symbolize wealth and prosperity. These flowers also stand for positivity, hope, pride, and wisdom.

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What do the different colors of lily mean?

The color of lilies plays an important role in determining their meanings. 

White Lily

White lilies are a sight to behold. From calla lilies to Asiatic lilies, white lilies are found in many subspecies of lily flowers. White lilies symbolize peace, serenity, spirituality, and unconditional love.

Pink Lily

Pink lilies are known for their association with love and romance. Pink lilies symbolize affection, new love, admiration, femininity, and fertility.

Yellow Lily

Yellow lilies are pretty common among lilies. Yellow lilies symbolize friendship, happiness, joy, hope, and new beginnings.

Orange Lily

Orange is the perfect color that balances out the reds and the yellows. Orange lilies symbolize warmth, abundance, prosperity, and happiness.

Red Lily

Red lilies are the symbol of love and passion. They are a great gift on romantic occasions like anniversaries and Valentine’s Day.

When should you give someone Lily flowers?

You can gift lily flowers to your family, friends, and acquaintances on many occasions, such as:

  1. Celebrating femininity: Lilies are the symbol of femininity. So, any occasion that celebrates a woman is the perfect chance to offer some lilies. These occasions include Mother’s Day, Woman’s Day, and birthdays of the women in your life.
  2. Romantic occasions: Lily flowers also symbolize unconditional love, passion, romance, affection, and attraction. So, you can use a lily flower bouquet for Valentine’ Day, anniversaries, first dates, romantic dinners, or any other occasion where you are celebrating the love of your life.
  3. Congratulating someone: You can also use lily flowers to congratulate someone in occasions such as: congratulating for their nuptials, anniversaries, graduation, a recent success in the work front, new baby, new house, and all other occasions that call for a celebration.
  4. Saying thanks: Just like congratulating someone, lilies are also appropriate when you are planning to express your gratitude and thankfulness. 
  5. Expressing other emotions: You can also use lilies to express emotions like “I miss you”, “Get well soon” etc.


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