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Virgo Flower: Birth Flower for Virgo

Virgo is often observed as the mother-hens of the zodiac. Combine this with birthday arrangements and flowers of its zodiac sign. Few of these zodiac flowers are Narcissus, Poppy, eucalyptus, veronica and butter cup. Starting of the harvest season, August- September, a time of year that is traditionally tied to Mother-Goddess figures. So, why not learn what flowers could be gifted to our beloved ones with the birth flower of virgo?

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Top Birth Flower of Virgo Star Sign


Despite their vivid red color, poppies have long been a symbol of purity and rest. August Virgos have a double relation to this flower both as the birth flower of virgo and their sign. Virgos are usually seen as restless, calm, and organized, sometimes to the point of being sober. There is a misinterpretation that Virgos are anything but bland. They feel no need to be loud or polishing to make their facts clear. Virgos are often the voice of cause in a group, but they aren’t going to argue to keep you from making bad choices. They will stand back and wait for things to go as they predicted they would. Then, they’ll help you pick up the pieces.

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Aster is another bloom that has a deep relation to Virgo, precisely those born in September, can state it as their monthly virgo zodiac flower. Asters, especially purple ones, symbolize wisdom, Virgo’s worth highly. Virgos want to be right always, so they put their earth figure determination to use learning and mastering new things and skills all the time.


It would be misestimated to say that all Virgos have a type of qualities, but disorganized Virgos are rare and distant between. This is probably why buttercups’ clean lines and delicate petals appeal to them so much. A muddy, cluttered habitat leads to a messy, cluttered home, which is why idealist Virgos prefer elegant, tidy bouquets that they can arrange into some semblance of order, not just a rough mess of leaves and clumsy colors.


Due to the Greek story of Narcissus and his self-obsession, it would have been not very tough for the narcissus flower to gain a bad reputation. Fortunately these sleek and pretty flowers are seen to symbolize development and rebirth. Narcissus could have profited from and that Virgos pleasure themselves on. While they may come off as trying or nit-picking. Virgos are never tougher on anyone than they are on themselves. Their idealist nature pushes them to be the best kind of themselves. And that can’t happen without watching a long hard look at one’s flaws. While they may not telecast their shortcomings to the whole world, Virgos want to be very open with those who care about their self-doubts.

Hard-working and valid, Virgos prefer to stand out for their accomplishments rather than for anything about themselves. They’d love to do brunch and Bloody-Marys future. But chaotic surroundings manage to set their teeth on the border. When selecting buds for the Virgo, cling to ones that have neat lines and appeal to their organized nature. And what more suitable flowers to give a Virgo than their very own birth blossoms? You can order these flowers from our online birthday flower delivery shop, and our flower delivery services will make sure to send flowers the same day to you. Thank us later!



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