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Sagittarius Flower: Birth Flowers for Sagittarius Zodiac Signs

Those born in Sagittarius can see the positive side of every situation. They are generally outgoing, intuitive, and communicative people who do not relish solitude. The ever-present idealism also causes Sagittarians, the ideal supporters. They always search for experiences that bring more knowledge. So why don’t one give them flowers that can match their zodiac personality? 

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Free-spirited and holder of an adventurous heart, crossing around the world  provides Sagittarian personalities. Out of proportion, Sags tend to perform like know-it-alls. Here we are presenting the best Sagittarius birth flower to present to your loved ones.

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What are the birth flowers for Sagittarius?

The official Sagittarius flower is the carnation, a gorgeous multi-petaled flower that comes in a different colors. Like a carnation, those born below the sign of Sagittarius are strong yet beautiful. Sagittarius are known for their love of affection. So, it creates a sense that these zodiac buds are matched with one of the most generally selected wedding flowers. It symbolises love as they are generally the most long-lasting flowers in a garland. Sagittarius’s are a blaze indication known for their boldness, carnation blooms in branched groups. The fire sign does not like being broke and will always carry an open mind in their endeavors.

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List of Other Sagittarius Flower


Gladioli represents loyalty, integrity, and strength. They have a distinctive shape and come in different colors. The colour includes pink, purple, orange, burgundy, and green. Moreover, the gladiolus can grow up to 6 feet high, making it a noticeable bloom that stands out from the crowd. The gladiolus flower took over its name from the Latin term “gladius,” which means “sword.” For this, the Romans associated the flower with power. This bud represents faithfulness and is usually used in bunches for marriage anniversaries.


The protea flower gets its title from Proteus, the Greek god of the sea. This flower is big, resilient, and comes in different forms and colors. Protea flowers have a distinct appearance of overlying petals. And stamens that resemble the pattern of an artichoke. The audacity of this flower earns it a reputation, representing courage and diversity. This flower has the  ability to adapt and live in any situation. It makes them the precise flower for a Sagittarius. 


Over the years, the iris symbolizes wisdom, faith, and hope. This flower’s vibrant, overlying leaves have a unique charm. This  makes it a great inclusion to any garden or bouquet. Sagittarius are independent and  iris is a low-maintenance plant to grow with almost no help. These flowers are adaptable — the perfect gift for romantic occasions. Iris is named  after the Greek goddess of the rainbow, who acted as a bridge between heaven and earth. Ancient Greeks would even seed purple irises on the graves of expired women. This  helps them transition in their drive to the afterlife. Depending on the shade of the iris, it can also represent royalty, courage, or passion. These gorgeous Sagittarius blooms each have a rich record contributing to their popularity.

Interesting Facts About Sagittarius Flowers:

  • In Japan, the iris flower is used to ward off evil energies.
  • Protea flowers are so durable that they can live and thrive in wildfires.
  • Gladiolus flowers are significant for the 40th wedding anniversary.
  • The carnation is a wholesome flower, often used as a garnish on salads.
  • After the resilient flower, the South Africa national cricket team is nicknamed Proteas.
  • In France, the iris blossom and its three petals represent the Trinity.
  • The gladiolus is the original birth flower for Sagittarius of August and the poppy.

We hope these Sagittarius zodiac flower will help you to make your loved ones happy. Order these mentioned flowers online. Our online birthday flower delivery is a perfect way to make a sagittarius’s day. We also provide flower arrangement delivery from our online store to send flowers same day to your loved ones. 

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