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Best Flowers for a New Mom

There is nothing quite like the joy of welcoming a new baby into the world. To show your love and congratulations to a new mom, flowers always make a thoughtful gift. Whether roses, tulips, lilies, or orchids, each flower speaks sentiments ideal for the new beginnings of motherhood. Here are the best flowers for new moms that you can choose for the recent mum you know!


Roses are always classic, beautiful new mothers. Their velvety petals and sweet fragrance will brighten a new mom’s day and fill her heart with love. Choose her favorite color or shades of pink, peach, and lavender—colors that are soothing and perfect for a new mother’s resting moments. A dozen roses or a rose bouquet will make a gorgeous, spectacular gift.

best flowers for new moms
best flowers for new moms


Daisies suggest innocence and simplicity with their big, bright petals. They lift her spirits with vibrant joy. If she’s new to motherhood, daisies show you understand she’s still the carefree girl she’s always been.


Tulips come in a rainbow of bright hues that evoke joy and warmth, just like the happiness a new baby brings. Vibrant red, pink, and yellow tulips surround a new mom with vibrant cheer, while orange tulips have an energizing glow. Tulips symbolize perfect love, an ideal sentiment for the love between a mother and child. A colorful tulip arrangement will instantly brighten her day and home- perfect flowers for Mothers Day.

Send flowers for the new mom
Send flowers for the new mom


Lilies have an intoxicating fragrance and lush flowers for moms that represent motherhood and purity. Orange tiger lilies or pink calla lilies shine with vibrant color, while white stargazer lilies have a gentle calmness. Lilies are thoughtful, meaningful flowers for a new mother as they stand for nurturing, selflessness, and sweet innocence—just like a new baby. Their heady fragrance will envelop a new mom in bliss.


Chrysanthemums come in vibrant fall shades of bronze, crimson, amber, and gold. They signify honesty, truth, sacrifice, warmth, cheer, and home. Perfect for mothers who always put their family first.

Chrysanthemum flower for mothers
Chrysanthemum flower for mothers


Sunflowers are whimsical, childlike blooms that instantly brighten a new mom’s day and bring memories of the sunshine that her baby has brought to her life. Their massive, bright yellow petals represent adoration, loyalty, and hope—sacred sentiments for a new mother. Sunflowers will make a new mom smile from ear to ear with their vibrant cheer. Some playful, pollen-dusted sunflowers could even decorate a baby’s nursery.


An orchid is an exotic, rare flower that makes a stunning, lavish gift for a newly born baby. Their delicate petals in pastel shades of pink, peach, and lavender have a soft, dreamy beauty. Orchids symbolize beauty, love, and motherhood, concepts we want to showcase for new moms. A splashy, unique orchid highlights a new mother’s grace and elegance.

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With any flower, a heartfelt card expressing your congratulations on her new baby will make it a keepsake she will treasure forever. Maybe she’d prefer an exotic bouquet with bird of paradise, frangipani, or protea flowers. Or keep it traditional with tulips, lilies, iris, and snapdragons for a fresh, woodsy feel. Send flowers for the new mom, and represent sentiments of joy, hope, love, and new beginnings—the perfect gift for the new chapter of motherhood. 

Spring flower

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