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Top 10 Reasons to Order Flowers Online and Support Local Businesses

You’re getting married! You don’t have much time to plan, but you know you need great flowers. Where can you find a quality product and the help you need? These scenarios are happening every day.

The good news? Local floral shops can help you find what you need. Better yet, you can even find them online!

Keep reading to find out how to work with your local floral shops to order flowers online.

What is Flower Delivery?

Flower Delivery

Ordering flowers to be delivered is a great way to send a message of comfort, romantic love, or brighten someone’s day! 

Before the advent of online services, consumers could visit local shops to work with floral artists on design, price, and delivery options.

If the recipient lived in another state, a sender could call a local shop in the recipient’s area and make arrangements over the phone.

With the convenience and explosion of online activity, things have changed in the floral industry. All you have to do is google “online flower delivery” and you immediately have hundreds of options!

To buy flowers online, you can go to a business’ website, browse flower arrangements, type in your information, and you’re done! Within minutes, you have just what you need going just where you want it. Right? Maybe.

The influx of online floral delivery options has created a space for large companies to overshadow smaller (and many times better) local florists. So how do you know which is the best place to order flowers online?

Keep reading to find out how to tell if you’re ordering from a flower giant, or supporting a local business.

Best Florist to Order Flowers Online

Best Florist to Order Flowers Online

Maybe you’ve had a less than awesome experience with online floral delivery. Did you know there’s a big difference between big business floral retailers and your local shops?

These large online floral delivery services are just middlemen. They have no vested interest in each individual community. They don’t know intricate details about flowers. 

Flower middlemen companies partner with local floral shops to fulfill orders. The local shops only see about 50% of the funds from the big-name floral services. Many are lucky if they do more than break even.

Sometimes the local shops don’t have the inventory advertised on the big-name website. This means when you order flowers online for delivery, your loved one may receive a completely different arrangement. 

Why do smaller flower shops still participate? It gives them name recognition. They are the ones fulfilling your online floral delivery and fulfilling orders. If clients are happy, perhaps they’ll remember where the arrangement was made and visit the local shop.

Order Online From Local Flower Shop

Order Online From Local Flower Shop

If you want to support local flower shops and order fresh flowers online, you can! Many local flower shops have websites where you can easily order flowers online. 

What if you want to order flowers online for delivery in another state? You can still keep it local with SnapBlooms.com.

SnapBlooms eliminates the middlemen of the online flower delivery giant world. By partnering with local shops and charging a 20% fee, SnapBlooms aims to keep community businesses strong.

Why Order Flowers Online?

Order Flowers Online

Whether the occasion is congratulatory, comfort, or romantic love flowers, flowers are a great way to say you care. Let’s explore why and how to order fresh flowers online.  

1. It’s Convenient

Browsing arrangements online and ordering with a few clicks is a convenience you can’t beat. It’s much easier to select and click than to physically go to a store to make your order. 

If you plan to order flowers online for delivery to another part of the country, you can’t go to the shop. Instead of heading to a flower giant middleman company, consider using SnapBlooms.com

SnapBlooms is a convenient way to order fresh flowers for delivery. Simply browse their wide variety of arrangements, add it to your cart, and check out. With just a few clicks, you’ll be sending a beautiful day brightener and supporting a local flower shop. 

2. It’s Helpful To Local Businesses

Small businesses everywhere are struggling. Effects of lockdowns and canceled events have local floral shops reeling with up to 60% loss of revenue. 

Placing an order for online delivery through SnapBlooms.com allows you to support the best place to order flowers online: your local florist’s shop. 

SnapBlooms makes sure local florists aren’t just barely breaking even. Florists all pay a flat 20% and keep the rest.

Sending the perfect Mother’s Day flower arrangements can brighten mom’s day and help ensure your local flower shop stays open another day.

3. You Choose Quality

Large online flower delivery services are all about the lowest possible price. While this may help keep their costs down, the quality of their work may suffer. Large-scale flower delivery services are salespeople first, their job is to sell as many online flowers for delivery as possible.

Think of the difference between a flower bouquet you buy at the gas station compared to a local flower shop. Your average service station attendant is very knowledgeable about fuel and vehicle care. But would you ask your mechanic’s help in selecting birthday flower arrangements?

When you need to order flowers online, go to the experts. Since your local florist knows and loves flowers, they’re going to provide you with an arrangement that will last. 

You’re making an investment when you order flowers online. Ordering from a large-scale delivery service means you’re entrusting salespeople with a florist’s job. By using a service like SnapBlooms, you can trust local experts to produce a quality product that will last.

4. You Make It Personal

When you order flowers online from a local florist, they provide you with their unique, personal touch! Your local florist knows the best pieces for your Mother’s Day flower arrangements or the latest in wedding flower trends.

A local florist will know the perfect way to handle an online funeral flower delivery. They’re very likely familiar with the business, how it looks, and the best way to go about the delivery.

Trusting a professional to select the right flowers for your online floral delivery order is an investment. Ordering online with a service like SnapBlooms ensures a local floral professional will add their personal touch.

5. Customer Service Is Better 

Local businesses value reputation. In order to keep their doors open, they rely on positive online reviews from happy customers.

When life happens and mistakes are made, a local business has the motivation to make it right. 

All you need to do is read online reviews for big-name floral delivery services. By using SnapBlooms.com, you’re working with local business owners who care and will make things with your online floral delivery right.

When you do have a good experience, sharing it online is great for local flower shops! Ordering flowers through local shops helps support them with your sale. Leaving positive reviews about your experiences can bring others to local florists as well. 

SnapBlooms offers 24/7 customer service as well. If there’s a problem, they are just as motivated to make it right.

6. You Get Same Day Service

Need the flowers there today? Most of the time, it’s not too late! SnapBlooms.com offers a way to order flowers for same-day online delivery.

Simply order your flowers online before 3 pm. SnapBlooms.com will work with local professionals to get a beautiful and quality product where it needs to be on time.

7. Your Piece Is Unique

Entrusting professionals to fulfill your online order means you’re getting a one-of-a-kind piece! If you want to send a Mother’s Day flower arrangement like nobody else’s, a local florist will know what to do!

By using a mass-produced service to order online, you’re choosing from stock photos and replica arrangements. Since they’re not using a personalized service, the arrangement you select may not even be available.

If you order flowers online through local flower shops, you know they communicate directly with the artists! What better way to create a truly unique birthday flowers arrangement or anniversary flowers for your special someone?

Ordering wedding flowers online? Using SnapBlooms.com is a great way to find a local professional. Working directly with floral artists will give you the opportunity to communicate your preference and style with those actually making the product. 

You want your special day to be uniquely you. Why not work directly with those who will make that happen? By using an online floral giant, you’re working with salespeople, not florists. 

Nothing guarantees one-of-a-kind better than working with a one-of-a-kind local professional. 

8. You’re Supporting Local Growers

By online ordering that connects you directly to the local florist, you’re also supporting local growers. Growers have been hit hard by pandemic changes as well. Many have scaled back or cancelled events, pulling a once high demand out from under local floral growers.

By ordering online from local businesses, you’re supporting local growers who supply them. Helping the local economy grow in more ways than one keeps our communities strong. You’re also strengthening partnerships between growers and business owners.

Mass-produced floral arrangements often use off-shore providers for their services. This takes business away from local growers. 

9. No More Hidden Fees

When you order flowers online from a big-name provider, the process involves several extra steps. The middlemen, of course, need to be paid. This all adds up, costing you more, and providing you with less.

On average, you’re only getting 60% of what you pay by using a large-scale online floral delivery service. This is because there are so many people to pay.

Working directly with local florists takes out wire transfer fees and costly extra services. You can work with the florist to ask questions about delivery fees (if they even have them!).

10. It Makes More Sense 

Now that you know the differences between the two, you can make an educated decision when you order flowers online. 

Ordering from a big-name giant flower service won’t provide much support, if any, to the florists who make and deliver the products. The big-name companies enlist salespeople and middlemen, which cost you more money. Because they aren’t florists, they don’t take the time and care to select quality products the way local shop owners will.

If you order flowers online from SnapBlooms.com, you are put in direct contact with local flower shops. These professionals will receive fair compensation for their work. You, the consumer, have complete control over your online floral delivery. 

Working with local florists helps your local economy by keeping shops in business. You’re also supporting their suppliers, the local flower growers, stay in business as well. 

Order Flowers Online Today

When local businesses and consumers come together, everyone wins. Now you can make an educated decision about where to order flowers online.

By using local flower shops, what you see is what you get. Local providers take pictures of their arrangements and post them for you to see. If you order flowers online using a large-scale service, you’ll get stock photo images that may or may not match what is actually delivered.

Let us help you find the best place to order flowers online. At SnapBlooms.com, we believe putting you directly in contact with local businesses is the best way to order flowers online. 

Visit us online for your Floral needs. We’d love to connect you with a local florist to make your online floral delivery the best it can be.



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