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Minnesota State Flower – Lady Slipper

The beautiful lady slipper orchid, Minnesota’s state flower, is thought to have been named after the shape of its petals which resemble the slippers worn by ladies during the Victorian era. The official color of Minnesota’s state flower is purple, chosen to symbolize the virtues of justice and wisdom.

The Official State Flower of Minnesota

The Official State Flower of Minnesota

The Minnesota state flower is the Lady slipper. It was officially adopted in 1902. The official state flower of Minnesota is the showy lady’s-slipper (Cypripedium reginae). This beautiful flower is native to Minnesota and can be found in woodlands and bogs across the state. The showy lady’s-slipper is a member of the orchid family and is known for its large, showy blooms. The flowers can be pink, white, or yellow in color and are often found blooming in June. The plant can be found in wooded areas and blooms from June to August. The flowers are pink, purple, or white and have a pouch-like shape.

Cultural Significance of the State Flower of Minnesota

Lady slipper flower Minnesota has been protected by law since 1925. The lady slipper is significant to the state of Minnesota because it is unique to the state and has been a part of the state’s history for many years. The lady slipper flower (Cypripedium calceolus) is a species of flower that has been associated with many different cultures throughout history. In ancient Greece, the lady slipper was believed to be a symbol of love and beauty. In medieval Europe, it was thought to be a symbol of purity and innocence. Today, the lady slipper is still viewed as a symbol of beauty and grace and is often used in bouquets and other floral arrangements. 

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Lady Slipper Flower Meaning

Lady Slipper Flower Meaning

Lady slipper Minnesota state flower is a beautiful and unique flower that is the state flower of Minnesota. This flower is also known as the Cypripedium calceolus and is a member of the orchid family. The lady slipper is a perennial plant and blooms in the summertime. The flowers are usually pink, but can also be white or yellow. The name lady slipper comes from the shape of the flower, which resembles a woman’s shoe. Legend has it that this flower was so sought after by hunters that they would come home to their wives with shoes instead of food. The word slippers originally came from the Dutch word slipper, meaning loose-fitting shoe or moccasin. In some cultures, the lady slipper is seen as a symbol of femininity and is often used in wedding ceremonies. In others, the flower is seen as a symbol of good luck and is often given as a gift to new mothers. Regardless of its cultural meaning, the lady slipper is a stunning flower that is sure to bring beauty to any garden.

Lady Slipper Flower Facts

  • MN state flower is a beautiful flower that grows in North America. 
  • This flower is known for its large, trumpet-shaped petals that are deep purple or black. 
  • The Lady Slipper Flower is also known for its sweet fragrance. 
  • Lady slipper flower is a popular perennial flower that is found in temperate areas of the world. 
  • The Lady slipper flower grows up to 18 inches tall and has a bell-shaped flower. 
  • The Lady slipper MN has a sweet fragrance that attracts pollinators, especially bees.
  • It is a member of the orchid family and has yellow or white petals that are attached at the top of a stem.

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What is the flower of Minneapolis?

Minneapolis state flower is the lady slipper

How long do lady slippers last?

Depending on where they are, these perennials flower from May to August; the lifespan of a flower is usually between 7 and 14 days.

What does a lady slipper symbolize?

In the language of flowers, lady’s slipper orchids denote capricious beauty while orchids, in general, are frequently connected to love, luxury, and elegance.

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