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Fun and Spooky Halloween Flower Arrangements for Decorating

Halloween is an extremely amusing event not only for children but adults too. We look forward to this special fall festival for the whole year when we can finally embrace our weird and spooky side without worry.

And decorating the house for Halloween is super fun to say the least. Planning about the theme, the indoor and outdoor décor, the foods, and our costumes and makeup for months in advance is something we enjoy wholeheartedly. Yet, when it comes to Halloween flower arrangements, things can get a bit difficult due to lack of ideas. Well, forget all your worries because SnapBlooms is here with awesome Halloween decorating ideas that you can easily recreate in your home with fresh flowers!

The primary idea behind these spooky and fun Halloween flower arrangements is easy. We have included a lot of fall flowers since getting seasonal blooms is easier. Since orange is the most popular and appropriate theme color for Halloween, we have also included a lot of orange and similar hued blooms in our decoration.

The theme of horror and supernatural are presented very well with Red (the color of blood), Black (symbolizing darkness), and stark white (symbolizing the icy coldness of death). So, we have also included these colors in our flower selection.

Items like pumpkins and gourds are also very popular on Halloween. So, on multiple occasions, we have used real or modeled pumpkins and gourds along with flowers.

Now that the basic ideas behind the Halloween flower arrangements are clear, let’s jump into the cool decoration plans!

Get creative with the vases

1. Get creative with the vases

Placing individual scary-looking items all around the house is a great way to spook things up during Halloween. And this is very easy to pull off. Ghostly table toppers, centerpieces, and standing decorations add that special Halloween vibe to your house. One such item is the flower vases. Get a vase in the shape of a bony white human skull, or turn a tall glass vase into a creepy one by imprinting small zombie faces all over it. With a few arts and crafts supplies at hand, you can turn any vase in your house into a special Halloween-themed item.

From eerie black roses to ghoulish green carnations-create a frightfully fun floral display with us! Order a festive arrangement of Halloween flowers today!

2. Colorful flower arrangement with eerie add-ons

Turn your regular flower bouquets and floral countertop arrangements into Halloween decors with a few easy steps. Decorate the flower arrangements with Halloween ornaments and small items, just like you would decorate a Christmas tree. Items that you can use to decorate your flower bouquets include small models of pumpkins, bats, ghost figurines, masks, Mummy heads, and a lot more. You can use adhesive tapes, strings, or glue to attach them into your floral decors. However, overdoing them will make the whole arrangement look stuffy and unattractive. Don’t use too heavy items either, or your flowers will not be able to bear the weight and bend. To get such awesome flowers delivered at your doorstep, avail the special Halloween flowers same-day delivery service from SnapBlooms! We will make sure to deliver your floral items on time so that you can celebrate Halloween in the best possible way.

3. Unusual flower colors

Flower colors also play an important role in portraying the supernatural theme of Halloween. As mentioned before, orange is the most popular Halloween color, hence orange flowers too are extremely popular ones. Common orange flowers include Roses, Dahlia, Chrysanthemum, Daisy, Poppy, Begonia, Pincushion Protea, and Birds of Paradise. You can include all these flowers in Halloween decorating arrangements.

If you want to take it up a notch, include flowers like black roses, blood-red tulips and carnations, and green, and blue flowers in your house. These unusual colors will increase the eeriness factor of your decorations a lot. Worried about where to buy all of these? With SnapBlooms, receive everything at your doorstep within hours. Online flower delivery services from SnapBlooms is an extremely fast and flawless service that will help you with all your last-minute celebration plans.

4. Scary white

Monochromes can be scary too. Instead of spooky colors, try using cold and stark white in a corner, or a whole area of your house. You can stage this area like a garden in freezing winter, or even as a graveyard. Create decorations imitating frozen branches and trees with paper, foam, and other things to start with. You can use empty cardboard boxes and paint them in gray to make them look like tombstones, and place them on the ground to make your graveyard. Finally, use bunches of white flowers, wreaths, and garlands to fill up the whole place. For the nighttime, you can also use white string lights. Don’t include any other colors in your décor and it will invoke a truly scary feeling in the minds of the visitors. White flowers that you can use for this idea include Tuberose, Jasmine, Baby’s Breath, Roses, Carnations, Chrysanthemums, Lily, and Gardenia.

Vegetables as vases

5. Vegetables as vases

You can also turn Halloween vegetables like Pumpkins and Gourds into flower vases. scoop out the insides of the vegetables and use them as regular flower vases. you can also cure them for a few days in the sun if you want. If you don’t want to use real vegetables, you can also find a pumpkin and gourd-shaped flower vases in the store. To make them spookier, you can draw faces on them, or stamp skulls, bats, or zombies on them. After that, no matter what flower you put into them, they will look super spooky!

So, which of these ideas are you going to try out this Halloween? For any Halloween decorating flowers, try SnapBlooms online flower delivery service. Send occasion flowers to friends and family in any city or town all over the country and surprise them pleasantly. Try now!



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