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Traditional Flowers for Rosh Hashanah

Rosh Hashanah marks the beginning of the Jewish New Year. It is one of the most sacred holidays of the Jewish calendar. It is a two-day festivity that involves grand celebrations. People invite friends and family members to their homes to perform prayers and enjoy festive delicacies. Since the holiday celebrates a new beginning, adding flowers or floral arrangements to your home is considered auspicious and more holy. And even if you have been invited, gifting something revered such as flowers is customary. 

However, there is no official flower as per religious stipulations that you must opt for. But any flower that exhibits a bounteous or hopeful feeling is a perfect choice, while many religious Jews use white and blue flowers. 

Given below is the list of some traditional Rosh Hashanah flowers to inspire your gift gifting this year. 


Lilies for Rosh Hashanah

White lilies are the common choice for Rosh Hashanah celebrations. Being a symbol of peace, purity, and grace, they are appropriate to welcome a new year full of new opportunities and possibilities. A bouquet bustling with fresh white lilies will make a wonderful choice as thanks-giving for the invitation as well as it will grab attention as part of an arrangement on the center table. Exuding rich vibrance and a new start, these majestic flowers are one of the thoughtful choices to mark the very essence of the holy holidays. 

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A bouquet containing an array of white, and red roses accented by fresh greenery is a cult gifting option to spread happiness among your family, friends, and community members. Undoubtedly, roses are classic options. But, radiating subtle elegance while best expressing love, a beautiful cream rose arrangement or a preserved rose gift box from SnapBlooms is a wonderful addition to your Rosh Hashanah gift choices. 


Orchids for Rosh Hashanah

Add orchids to your home decoration if you want to leave a lasting impression on people joining you for the Rosh Hashanah celebration. Also, you can use a beautiful arrangement of orchids as a Rosh Hashanah gift to honor your near and dear ones. These flowers have the power to infuse energy to any occasion or any space. Thus, they will capture the attention and will fill your surrounding with a sense of bliss. 


Hydrangeas for Rosh Hashanah

In Jewish culture, the color Blue represents divinity. So, adding some blue elements to your Rosh Hashanah will match the spirit of the holy holidays perfectly. Furthermore, this is a thoughtful choice to present to the Rosh Hashanah hostess. This is because the flower’s elaborate round shape is known to showcase gratitude and heart sentiments. 

No doubt – a stunning Hydrangeas bouquet will make an outstanding Rosh Hashanah table centerpiece and an impressive Rosh Hashanah gift! 

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