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Most Popular Flower Types

Flowers are the most beautiful gifts from Mother Nature, and also the most widely used gift item in the world. Whether it’s a happy occasion or a mellow one, flowers are always one of the must-haves.

Flowers are not only great for gifting, but also the best accessory for decorating your home. Online flower shops have made it so easy for us to purchase our favorite flowers in no time. And when it comes to online flower shopping, SnapBlooms is the best place to order flowers online. You can get online flower delivery same day from SnapBlooms, enjoy their impeccable customer service, and choose from hundreds of options in flower arrangements.

 Here’s a list of the best-looking and most popular flowers in the world.

Most popular flowers in the world:


Roses Flower
Roses Flower

Roses are the most popular and the most cultivated flower in the world. These amazingly fragranced beauties come from woody perennial plants and there are more than three hundred different species included under the generic term rose. Roses come in different colors including red, pink, orange, white, and yellow. Depending on rose color meanings, you can order suitable rose flowers online for different occasions.


sunflower-popular flowers

Sunflower is the second most-popular flower in the world. Sunflowers are available in more than 50 species and are harvested both as crops and for their beauty. Sunflowers symbolize hope, joy, and new beginnings and are a significant cultural icon in many cultures. Sunflowers are one of the strongest decorative flowers available and they can stay fresh for up to 4-6 weeks when properly cared for.

Sunflower Bouquet

Pick your favorite Sunflower Bouquet

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Daisy-Spring Flowers
Daisy Flowers

Daisy, the distant cousin of Sunflowers, is another extremely popular flower found worldwide. The big and bright blooms with white petals and a bright yellow center are closely associated with children, childhood, innocence, pure joy, and happiness. If you’re wondering about where to buy these awesome flowers, then check out SnapBlooms. It’s the best place to buy flowers online.


tulips flower

Tulips are colorful flowers that are widely cultivated around the world. It is the national flower of the countries Iran, Netherlands, and Turkey, where this flower actually originates from. Tulips generally bloom in spring and are available in various colors like red, yellow, purple, pink, and orange. Tulips are very famous as romantic anniversary flowers. If you need a fast online flower delivery same day, place your order with SnapBlooms and receive your beautiful tulip bouquet within hours.  


Lily Flower Meanings
Lily Flower

Lilies are also very popular across the world and are available in more than 50 different species, which are considerably different from one another in terms of appearance and size. Some of the most popular lily types are Asiatic Lily, Calla Lily, Casablanca Lily, Tiger Lily, and Stargazer Lily. Stargazer lilies look great as anniversary flowers along with other romantic blooms like rose and tulip.

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October birth flower - Marigold Flower
October birth flower – Marigold Flower

Marigolds are tropical flowers in yellow, orange, and sometimes red which look great as flowerbeds. Marigolds are typically summer flowers but they are available year round. Marigold is cultivated all over the world and is very popular in Asian countries, where strings or garlands of Marigold flowers are considered auspicious. Marigolds are annual blooms, although perennial varieties are also available. Marigolds are extensively used as decorative flowers rather than in the vase.

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jasmin-online florist SnapBlooms

Jasmine Flowers perhaps has the most intoxicating aroma in the flower world, rivaled only by rose. These white blooms will immediately brighten up your mood with the fragrance and its serene looks. Jasmine has over 200 species and they are mostly found in warm weathers including tropical and subtropical areas. Jasmines are often made into strings and used as floral accessories or decorative items.

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