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Leo Birth Flower: Birth Flower for Leo

Our zodiac sign can talk so much about us, not only our character traits but also the things we feel drawn to. Maybe it’s a specific attractiveness for your home, the shades your vibe with, or which elements of the world call to you. Flowers have long been given signified meaning and personalities that cohabitate better with some signs than others. If you want to lighten the day of a fiercely devoted Leo in your life with flowers for their den, we have your back. Let us move forward and show you the perfect leo zodiac flower for your loved ones.

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Birth Flower for Leo Zodiac Signs


The flower most often connected with Leos is the sunflower. All it takes is a glance at one of their enormous, fiery-coloured blooms to see the resemblance to Leo’s ruling planet. It pushes  Leos to care and  see themselves as the head of the bunch. Sunflowers tower over the remains of almost any lawn. The connection in the middle of these two is more than stem and petal deep. In many cultures globally, sunflowers symbolize optimism and intelligence. The same characteristics are also present in Leos.


Known as the “herb of the sun. It isn’t hard to understand how marigolds became associated with sun-worshiping Leos. Marigolds come in various warm colors that reflect the fire in a lion’s spirit. Their bright colors have long been a sign of positive energy. It is also great at harnessing to achieve their goals. Owning many marigolds in the house will mirror and magnify the joy. This also exuberance Leos brings to their atmosphere. 

Other Best of All Leo Birth Month Flowers


The lion-headed dahlias begin to open in Mid-July. They are brave and beautiful and are known for the best Leo Birth Month Flower.  Dahlias have signified dignity and grace, but don’t mistake pride with stuffy. Dahlias, like Leos, are no wallflowers. Their vivid colors and large flowers make it  impossible for them not to stand out in a crowd. A feeling that charismatic Leos acknowledges all too well. Dahlias grow better with other blooms. Likewise, Leos prefer the be in the middle of a circle, not out in the spotlight alone.


Safflowers are another sunny flower connected with Leos. But, this association has less to do with their fluffy, yellow blooms. Their prickly appearance and the spines that coat their stem. Upon the foremost intro, self-confident Leos can reach off as immodest . Leos  intimidate those who don’t understand that they are bold.  Once you take a little time to move past the pokey parts, you’ll be trapped by their charismatic and loyal kind. Just like the  safflowers, by the sticky net that coats their stems.


Another beautiful flower that shares a spiritual relation to the Leos is Clivia. It has bundles of delicate lilies, but from the plant itself. They are also called “bush-lily”, because they  grow huge and have stiff leaves around their exquisite blooms. It gives them the appearance of power and reputation. Meticulous and well assembled, Leos often get mistaken for being vain. In reality, that tough exterior protects a warm and generous heart.  While they may appear head-strong or determined to have their way, they  feel for their loved ones. That is why they are obliged to push for what they think is right, even if they ruffle some fur along the way.

The Leo Flowers Astrology

Born in the summertime, between July 20 and August 20, Leos has the double-shot of being a blaze sign and led by the Sun. What Moon-loving Cancers are to sensitivity, Leo flowers astrology are to confidence. With that kind of inferno roaring through their lists, how could they be any less? While that blaze has been famous for burning up anyone in its way, it will also comfort and guard anyone a Leo has claimed as their own. You can order these flowers from our online birthday flower delivery shop. Our flower delivery services will deliver them to you on the same day.

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