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Graduation Flowers You Should Choose

Graduation is a big milestone that deserves to be celebrated. Graduation flowers are a wonderful way to congratulate a recent graduate and add beauty and meaning to their special day. Whether you’re looking to give flowers as a gift or carry your own bouquet during the ceremony, here are some of the best flowers for graduation to consider:


Rose flower delivery

Roses are a classic choice that will never go out of style. Red roses signify congratulations and celebration. You can’t go wrong with a bouquet of beautiful red roses. White roses symbolize purity and new beginnings which makes them very appropriate for graduation. Look for a vibrant mixed rose bouquet of flowers for graduation if you want variety.


Lily Flower Meaning

Lilies have a lovely fragrance and come in many gorgeous colors like white, orange, pink, and yellow. They symbolize beauty, majesty, and rebirth which captures the spirit of graduation perfectly. Lilies also last a long time so they make a great graduation flower gift that will last through all the celebration photos.


Orchids Flower Delivery

Orchids give a sophisticated, elegant look. Purple orchids signify wisdom and achievements which is especially fitting for a graduate. White orchids mean innocence, purity, and strength – attributes the recent graduate will carry with them. Look for stunning orchid centerpieces or orchid graduation caps with flowers if you want something unique.


Carnation flower delivery

Carnations come in a rainbow of colors with different meanings. Pink carnations symbolize admiration, gratitude, and remembrance. White carnations signify goodness, luck, and innocence. For a summer graduation, look for gorgeous pastel-colored carnation bouquets. They also come beautifully arranged as pin-on college graduation flowers.


Sunflowers flower delivery

Sunflowers are synonymous with happiness, positivity, and vitality. Their bright yellow color and cheerful appearance make them the perfect graduation flowers. Look for a lush bouquet of yellow sunflowers or try them interspersed with other flowers like roses or lilies. Sunflower leis make for fun graduation party flowers.

Garden Roses

Garde rose flower delivery

Garden roses come in lovely shades of pink, red, coral, and peach. Their lush blooms will add color and charm to any graduation celebration. A mixed garden rose bouquet makes gorgeous flowers for a graduation ceremony centerpiece or pin-on. They symbolize appreciation, gratitude, and joy – perfect for a graduate.

While any of these flowers would make the right flower bouquet equally beautiful, here are a few more specifics to keep in mind based on gender and timing:

  • For women’s graduation, consider floral arrangements with roses, peonies, tulips, or lilies which are all considered more feminine. They are great for making graduation flower necklaces.
  • For a spring graduation in May or June, go for graduation flower delivery of blooms that will be in season like tulips, lilacs, hydrangeas, and peonies.
  • For summer graduation in July or August, look for sunflowers, daisies, delphiniums, or dahlias that flourish in warm weather.
  • For a fall graduation in October or November, choose chrysanthemums, asters, or decorative kale that hold their beauty into the changing seasons.

Want to showcase flowers even more? Consider creative graduation flower ideas like:

  • Dry floral pins and hair accessories to decorate caps and gowns
  • Fresh floral crowns or flower headbands paired with a graduation outfit
  • Flower leis, wristlets, or garlands that can be worn or displayed
  • Framed floral prints or fresh flower photos are a lovely memento

SnapBlooms makes it easy to buy and send flowers online.

Need help putting it all together? Many online florists offer same-day or next-day delivery nationwide, so you can find and send the perfect blooms from anywhere. If you are searching for flowers for graduation gifts near your grad’s location, send flowers online from SnapBlooms. We even have gorgeous floral arrangements already designed for graduation.

With so many beautiful blooms to choose from for your online flower delivery, the above flower options are sure to make the graduate’s special day even more meaningful.



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