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15 Flowers For Girlfriend To Show Your Love

For centuries, lovers from all around the world have been professing their love for their partners with traditional flowers. This lovely custom became more famous when everyone worldwide started celebrating Valentine’s Day devotedly. Since then, every year, lovers continue to send flowers to their girlfriend on valentine’s day as a sign of love. And, there are some flowers especially meant for celebrating the love of your life.

1. Tulips 

Tulips – Flower for Girlfriend

Tulip flowers come in different colors, for example red, yellow, purple, white, and pink. A bulb plant, tulips represents that spring has arrived and bloomed for just 3-7 days. The red tulip represents love, while the white tulip represents an apology. These are the best choices for celebrating a new relationship. 

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2. Lilac 

Lilac – Flower for Girlfriend

We usually find Lilac in a light violet shade, representing the first twinge of love. There is also a stronger magenta color to symbolize affectionate love. Try giving your loved one a beautiful bouquet of lilacs.

3. Red Roses

Red Roses – Flower for Girlfriend

They are the most romantic of all the flowers. Roses come in many colors; the dark red rose symbolizes eternal love. They signify deep, true love with a partner. Lovers purchase red roses for their girlfriend on Valentine’s Day; also make an excellent choice as a wedding anniversary gift, birthday gift, or special day such as a marriage proposal.

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4. Orchids

Orchids – Flower for Girlfriend

Orchids are more delicate than any other flowers. Even if the blooms may fade, the plant has a resting period and can re-bloom with proper care and attention. Orchids represent luxury. They come in several varieties and colors. Almost every color of the rainbow symbolizes luck, hope, and love. The orchid is best to give on Valentine’s Day.

5. The Lily Stargazer

The Lily Stargazer – Flower for Girlfriend

The Stargazer Lily is a bold choice for a gift. Choose bright pink with a white mixture for those who love bright and beautiful in their home or office. The lily signifies wealth and prosperity. Give these for Valentine’s Day. 

6. Pastel Coloured Carnation

Pastel Coloured Carnation – Flower for Girlfriend

This flower is more for the introverted person. White carnations signify pure love, while pink means protective motherly love. Carnations are the flower for January, so they are very appropriate for a birthday gift. 

7. Daisies

Daisies – Flower for Girlfriend

Gerbera daisies are a trendy choice and come in many bright colors. Daisies commonly represent innocence and cheerfulness. Gift a bouquet of daisies for a new relationship or develop a friendship into something more.

8. Alstroemeria- Lily Of The Incas

Alstroemeria – Flower for Girlfriend

Alstroemeria also called “lily of the Incas” is another bold flower. It shows several meanings depending on the color. But the beautiful blossom always connects to a similar meaning of friendship. Choose a pinkish or reddish color for the most romantic impact or a purple shade to show beauty and royalty. Best gift for Valentine’s Day, show your girl that you love with a lovely bouquet of Alstroemeria.

9. Camellia Japonica

Camellia Japonica – Flower for Girlfriend

Camellia or Japanese camellia is the perfect choice for a couple celebrating many years together. Represents faithfulness and longevity; the flower is native to Japan and China and has been a popular flower there for centuries. Buy a deep reddish or pinkish shade for valentine’s day.

10. The Blue Iris

The Blue Iris- Flower for Girlfriend

The blue iris is an elegant and sophisticated-looking flower, also unique as a romantic gift. The blue iris signifies hope and faith. The iris, a February birth flower, would be a magnificent gift to buy for your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day. 

11. Sunflower

Sunflower- Flower for Girlfriend

Not many people know that Sunflowers also make a fabulous flower bouquet for loved ones. Yes, a bouquet of bright sunflowers is the best choice to brighten your love life. Sunflowers symbolize faithfulness and care. So, if you wonder how to tell your lover that their presence makes your life happier, say it with a bouquet of sunflowers.

12. Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum- Flower for Girlfriend

Chrysanthemums represent pure friendship. These are also the most popular flowers in the world after Rose. So, if you want to confess your feelings to that person you like, send them a bouquet of red chrysanthemums that signifies pure love on this Valentine’s Day.

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13. Carnation

Carnation – Flower for Girlfriend

Profess your love to your girlfriend with a bouquet of red carnations that symbolize deep love, affection. Each color of carnations has a separate meaning. 

14. Lilies

Lilies – Flower for Girlfriend

Are you confessing your love for your girlfriend this Valentine’s Day with a bunch of beautiful lilies? These heavenly flowers are among the best to convey your feelings if you are fascinated with someone. The lily is the 30th-anniversary flower that signifies a strong bond with your partner.

15. Peonies

Peonies – Flower for Girlfriend

The peonies come across as the symbol of love, romance, beauty, and grace. A bunch or bouquet of peonies makes an excellent gift for your crush or lover, showing how deeply you feel for them.

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