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Most Popular Flower for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day celebrations are incomplete without flowers. However, the problem is, there are so many, and we are often unsure about which ones to select. So, here we have created a list of romantic flowers for you.


Carnations-Flower for Valentine’s Day

Carnations are budget-friendly and yet so beautiful. These pretty flowers are available in so many colors including red, pink, white, and green. Red and pink carnations are the most popular ones for Valentine’s Day. Carnations are known to symbolize pure and unconditional love. This is why they have a special place of their own when it comes to celebrating Valentine’s Day.


Tulip-Flower for Valentine’s Day

Tulips are incredibly attractive and soothing at the same time. Like carnations, they too come in a variety of colors like red, pink, orange, yellow, white, purple, etc. a bunch of pink and yellow tulips will form an exquisitely pretty Valentine’s Day flower bouquet. However, if you want to take it up a notch, then go with purple ones, because they symbolize uniqueness along with rare and true love. 


Orchids-Flower for Valentine’s Day

Orchids are so popular as romantic flowers simply because of two reasons. Firstly, they stay fresh for a long time and survive hostile weather easily. This quality of orchids renders its meaning as a symbol of strong interpersonal bond that can survive hardships of life. Secondly, there are so many varieties in colors, shapes, and sizes when it comes to orchids. So, it’s very easy to find a suitable one matching your taste.


Peony-Flower for Valentine’s Day

Another very romantic flower available in our country is the peony. The layered, rounded, blushing pink flowers are delicate, yet amazingly elegant. Peonies are soft flowers that require extra care. Peonies are known to be the symbol of affection, attraction, and love.


Lily-Flower for Valentine’s Day

Next on our list is the beautiful lily flower. Like orchids, lilies too are available in so many varieties. the most popular lily variety for Valentine’s Day is the pink stargazer lily. Other varieties such as alstroemeria in white or pink, white Casablanca lily, and Asiatic lilies are also similarly popular with lily lovers. 


Gerbera-Flower for Valentine’s Day

Gerbera is a type of daisy which reflects similar spark and joy like them. Gerberas are commonly found in red, pink, white, and yellow. A bunch of mixed color gerbera flowers will be the ultimate gift for your loved one this Valentine’s Day. 


Rose-Flower for Valentine’s Day

Roses have a wonderful fragrance and therefore are associated with love, passion, and beauty. If you believe a different color might fit your sweetheart, red isn’t the only option. There are over 150 different types of roses for valentine’s day, so there’s likely to be one that will suit your sweetheart perfectly. 

Thinking about how many roses to get for Valentine’s day? A dozen crimson roses would make a powerful symbol of love and devotion.

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