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Roses are, unsurprisingly, one of the most popular and effective valentine flowers for expressing love and gratitude to your loved ones. And we say roses deserve all these credits. After all, what flower can look and smell as heavenly as roses!

However, red isn't the only colour of rose sent on February 14. Pink roses, yellow roses, orange roses, and white roses are also hugely popular roses for Valentine’s delivery. So, don't put off sending exquisite roses for Valentine's Day to your loved one's doorway.

Meaning of Rose Colors for Valentine's day

It's vital to grasp the many rose colour meanings if you want to communicate love rather than friendship—or vice versa—so that your message comes across loud and clear:

Red Rose meaning "I love you" and symbolises gratitude, admiration, and joy.

Lilac Rose meaning that the giver was charmed by love at first sight.

White Rose meaning truth and innocence conveys the message "I miss you."

Orange Rose meaning enthusiasm and desire for the person.

Yellow Rose meaning long-lasting friendship, loyalty, admiration, and love

Blue Rose meaning true love has a reputation for being unattainable.

Pink Rose meaning femininity, refinement, sweetness, and grace. Deep pink, on the other hand, is often associated with thankfulness and admiration, making it an excellent choice for saying "Thank you!"

Red Roses for Valentine’s Day

When you think of love, what colour comes to mind? It is, indeed, a valentines day special red rose. Undoubtedly! A red rose has a stronger connection to love and its many manifestations. It also represents long-lasting bonds of love, and relationships that transcends all adversities.

However, Valentine’s day will never be complete without a bouquet of red roses. These are emblems of tenderness, full of feelings and love- you simply can't afford to skip sending red roses for valentines day to your beloved.

Valentine’s Day Roses Delivery

We at SnapBlooms offer Happy Valentine’s Day roses in various different styles. From handheld bouquets to tabletop massive rose flower arrangements, we have got it all for you. Beautiful red, yellow, orange, and white rose bouquets exclusively made for Valentine’s Day will brighten up your house and make the receiver immensely happy.

We also offer other beautiful flowers combined with roses such as orchids, tropical and exotic flowers, lilies, carnation, gerbera, sunflower, hydrangea, tulip, chrysanthemum, and more. Choose a multi-flower bouquet for your sweetheart and also add cute extras with your order, such as chocolates and dessert baskets, balloons, or soft toys, all available with us!

Want to get last minute Valentine’s Day roses delivery within hours? Try SnapBloom’s same day delivery service for Valentine’s Day and your flowers will be delivered to your doorstep within hours without a delay. Just select the same day delivery option at check out, and place your order before the cut-off time. We will make sure you receive your flowers right on time. So, what are you waiting for? Place your order now!

Frequently Asked Questions About Valentine’s Day Roses

1. Why is a rose given on Valentine’s Day?

Roses are given in particular because they symbolise love in so many ways. Roses were supposedly Venus' favourite flower, the Goddess of Love, because she believed they symbolised passionate feelings. People began presenting roses to those they cared about as a way of expressing their affection for one another.

2. What other colors of roses can you offer on Valentine’s Day, apart from red ones?

On Valentine's Day, you can give white, pink, orange, and yellow roses in addition to red roses.

3. How many roses for Valentine’s Day?

Giving dozen red roses for valentines day is the traditional way to express your love for someone. One of their countless meanings is to convey that you are thinking of them all the 12 months of the year, or to say “I love you” in 12 different ways.