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All About Rose Day- 7 Feb

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet…”, says Shakespeare in his play ‘Romeo and Juliet’, which is among the myriad mentions of roses in poetry and literature that hitch up the iconic red flower to romance. With Valentine Week just a month away, love is in the air.

Valentine’s Day on the 14th of February is preceded by the love week – seven days dedicated to romance and all things happy.

Can you naturally think of anything better than roses to kick off your Valentine’s week? You can never go wrong with them. Its lush green petals and sweet aroma may adequately explain why.

When is Rose day?

The 7th of February is celebrated as Valentine’s Rose day and one could not think of a better day to announce their love to the world. That being the case it is closely linked to love in many cultures throughout history.

Red Flower
Red Flower

The Myth Behind Roses and Their Significance

In Greek myth, Chloris, the goddess of flowers, is said to have turned a beautiful, dead nymph into a rose. Aphrodite was invited to lend it her beauty, Apollo to warm the bloom, , Dionysus to add sweet nectar, and the three Graces to supply charm, joy, and magnificence. Chloris called the rose the “Queen of Flowers.”

Why Are Roses Given on Rose Day?

With all of these legends and myths, roses went on through hundreds of years as a token of romance, appearing in everything from medieval frescoes to Shakespeare. For the same reason, be it a single rose graciously given on a date or a bunch of roses sent for Valentine’s Day, there’s still no beautiful way to convey the love. This cultural tradition dates back to ancient times proving that love is our oldest, most prized encounter when it comes down to it.

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Meaning and Symbolism of Roses

For the Victorians, the color of the rose indicated the level of affection: a white rose was for innocent love; a blush pink rose was for a blossoming romance; and a deep red rose for passion.

Valentine Roses
Valentine Roses

Unique Ways to Celebrate Rose Day:

Make an Aisle of Roses

If your date parks in the garage, the best way to start your beautiful trail of romantic rose petals there, they will smile before they even get out of their vehicle. Without a doubt, the idea is always a winner!

Create a Picnic Organized With Rose Petals

Confess your feelings along with some lovely rose day music that could make the day even more memorable.

Rose Scented Candles

Put some freshly bought roses in a scented candle jar, and present it to your partner. With a little hard work, this dual-scented candle would be the best add-up to your candle-light dinner.

A Rose Scrapbook

Craft an easy scrapbook and add you two’s best photographs, now pin up roses at every stage, and you are done. This will give their dessert an exotic taste all because of the sweet and digestible attributes of rose petals.

A Rosy Dessert

Yet another way to invade your partner’s heart is by adding the roses to their dessert.

Doorstep Surprises

Get excited about receiving doorstep surprises.

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We are sure that your lover will feel the same awesomeness as yours on receiving such a pleasant surprise from your side. It will make their day!



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