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The Beauty of Sending Flowers, Just Because

We always talk about celebrating certain occasions and helping our loved ones feel appreciated and loved on their special day. But do we really need a holiday or a birthday as an excuse to let someone know we are thinking about them?

That’s the beauty of sending flowers just because’, the sentiment is very genuine and spontaneous. Order a bouquet to tell them “just because I love you”, send sunflowers “just because I care”, or even roses “just because it’s Tuesday”.

Not only will this gesture bring a smile to the face of your loved ones, but share all the gratifying and positive effects flowers have on us. Let’s take a look at why we should make a habit of sending flowers, just because.

Brighten Up Their Day

Send flowers to brighten up the day

A flower’s power goes beyond just capturing beauty. Their bright colors and sweet aromas help to boost our mood, relieve stress, and give a sense of overall tranquility. Different flowers have different effects on people, generally contributing to a sense of joy, which can last for days.

Perhaps there’s someone you really enjoy working with. What better way to show your appreciation than by sending over a beautiful succulent for their desk or a bunch of roses to help them keep focus while they work.

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While many of us are still spending lots of time at home and working remotely, sending a thoughtful, vibrant bouquet goes a long way to help add color and life to any room.

Let Them Know They’re Missed

Send flower to let them know they’re missed

Sending a ‘just because’ arrangement is definitely a treat for yourself and the recipient. It feels good to share and spread love as well as receiving a genuine token of appreciation. Many times when we miss someone our go-to action is to pick up the phone and give them a call. But wouldn’t it be nice to surprise them with a lovely arrangement of lilies instead? Lilies really resonate with the feeling of missing someone strongly. Or perhaps add a thoughtful message on the card along with the flowers that you can easily order online, to accompany the feeling you want to express and show that you’re there for them, no matter the distance. 

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Random Acts of Kindness

Sending flower is random act of kindness

Doing something nice for the sake of being nice is a very gratifying feeling. It is proven that being kind makes us feel grateful, empathetic, and compassionate. Although there are endless ways to be nice to someone and bring happiness to their days, there’s nothing better – or more practical – than sending flowers! It is lovely to get flowers on special occasions, but receiving flower arrangements or bouquets is even more special when there’s no particular reason at all.

Flowers help express the inexpressible and are filled with beautiful symbolism and meaning, transforming any space with their vibrant colors and striking beauty. There is no particular reason needed to spread joy with a bouquet or arrangement, and it’s very easy to share your sentiment with others. Browse through our variety of just because floral arrangements and deliver it to that special someone to help brighten their day.



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