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Most Popular Type of Summer Flowers

Summer has arrived, and life is simple. This is the season when gardens reach their peak. The abundant sunlight and long hot days create an almost instantaneous explosion of aggressive growth and vibrant color. The abundance of summer-blooming flowers might make it difficult to choose. There is no such thing as right or wrong when there are so many possibilities. Choose those that touch your heart and provide you with the most delight. Choose those that feel your heart and provide you with the most delight. Here are several tried-and-true options, with a few unexpected twists thrown in for good measure.

Purple Summer Flowers

We collected together our best purple blossoms, which range from mild lilac to deep violet.

Purple Summer Flowers


Lavender is cultivated for its fragrant blooms and foliage. Plant in a diverse border along a pathway or route in a massed arrangement. This petite type is ideal for containers and limited places. Plant with yarrow, wormwood, purple coneflower, or tickseed for drought-tolerant summer bloom.

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This reblooming lilac blooms in the spring, then again in the late summer till frost, and is resistant to powdery mildew. A traditional choice for foundation plantings, mixed borders, and large pots (because of their small size).


These beautiful summer flowers are tubular or cup-shaped and appear in a variety of colors. Late in the spring, this trailing species blooms with lavender-blue flowers. Allow overflowing over a cliff or down a hill. Combine with brightly colored spring-blooming rock garden plants.

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Yellow Summer Flowers

With these bright, all summer-blooming flowers, you can let the sun in.

Yellow Summer Flowers


Marigolds are a common annual flower. Their popularity stems from their vibrant colors and capacity to bloom throughout the summer. Their flower heads resemble carnations and have dense layers of crumpled petals.


Due to their huge showy blooms and pleasant aroma, lilies are one of the most favored flowers for floral arrangements. On top of a long stem, they have six trumpet-shaped petals.

Calla Lily

Calla Lilies are popular in gardening and as cut blooms because of their lovely bell shape. They thrive both in the garden and as houseplants.

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Red Summer Flowers

There’s no other color quite like it. Here are some of the most beautiful red summer flowers you’ll ever see.

Red Summer Flowers


These red perennial flowers bloom all summer and can reach a height of 8.2 feet depending on how well they are cared for. Azaleas bloom from spring to summer, which explains their widespread popularity.


Begonias can reach a height of two feet, depending on the species. These lovely flowers will bloom until the earth frosts, which varies according to the locality.


Carnations are included in almost all of our flower lists since they come in a variety of colors. These beautiful poplar blooms bloom towards the end of spring and their flowers last all summer, making them ideal for gardeners.

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Blue Summer Flowers

These unusual, true-blue blossoms will provide a dash of color to any landscape.

Blue Summer Flowers


The color lasts long after the blooms have faded since the calyxes keep their deep-blue tint. Even better, fresh flower spikes appear throughout the summer.

Lily of the Nile

Enormous, globe-like flower clusters are raised high above bunches of narrow leaves in this more compact blue-flowered beauty. The seedpods that appear after the flowers are almost as lovely as the flowers themselves.


This old-fashioned favorite, often known as “bachelor’s buttons,” is popular in cut flowers. The blue color is so striking that a Crayola crayon has been created to match it.

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White Summer Flowers

Here are some of our favorite white flowers to brighten up any garden.

White Summer Flowers


The big spiky-looking blossoms of this spectacular cactus dahlia will provide structural structure to a white border. They’re a tall-growing plant that looks great in the center or towards the back of a border, and the stems create a luscious green background for low-growing white blooms in front.


From early summer onwards, the huge, pure white ruffled blooms of ‘White Charm’ will look fantastic on the border. It’s great for putting in the center of a mixed flower bed even amongst lush, green shrubs, reaching a height of roughly 1m.

Gypsophila ‘ Bristol fairy’ 

This classic cottage-garden cultivar produces a cloud of delicate white flowers that linger all summer, making it ideal flowers for summer weddings. They also survive a long time as cut flowers, allowing you to incorporate the white aesthetic into your house.

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Pink Summer Flowers

Pink flowers in your yard provide a sense of femininity and romance. Here are a few for you: 

Pink Summer Flowers

Coral bells

Coral bells can be grown in direct sunlight and moderate sun. These flowers can also bloom in shade all summer and they are quite resilient and produce beautiful, delicate tiny pink flowers.


Foxglove is a striking flower for summer that comes in a variety of colors, including pink. Foxglove is also available in pale purple hues. Because it’s poisonous, you shouldn’t plant it someplace where pets or younger kids might be enticed to eat it.

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Aster is a pink perennial that is not only easy to grow but also attracts pollinators. It’s a close relative of the daisies and blooms from summer through the end of the fall season.

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