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Independence Day: Celebrate 4th of July With Flowers

There’s hardly an occasion where flowers don’t fit. But while making a connection between 4th July Independence Day and a beautiful flower arrangement might not be something that immediately comes to mind, let us prove you wrong.

For many of us, the fourth of July is when we really let our patriotic colors shine, and that’s something that can be expressed in the subtlest ways too. So, if you’re looking to give a new twist to your existing red-white-blue decorations, this is how you can include flowers this year.

Roses, the Flowers of Patriots?

Roses for the fourth of July – who would have thought, right? After all, the most romantic flower out there isn’t very often associated with the love for a country. However, this assumption is actually very far from reality.

July fourth flower- Rose

In 1986, Ronald Reagan pronounced the rose the national flower of the US. This is because roses are closely tied to the history of the continent and have been around both in joyful and trying times. Even the first president, George Washington, was said to cultivate roses in his garden – and the variety he named after his mother is still around today.

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If you have a chance to visit the White House, you’ll notice that it has its own rose garden. This flower is grown all across the country and plays an important role in parades, anniversaries, celebrations – and generally the everyday life of Americans – making it perfect to spark all the right emotions this Independence day.

Crimson roses can either be used alone or in combination with other flowers, including Red rose & White Alstroemeria Bouquet or Iris Vase for 4th of July flower arrangements.

Hydrangea to Show Gratitude

With their big, beautiful blooms, hydrangeas charm virtually anyone. While most variations originate in Japan, there are actually two types of hydrangeas that are native to North America. And while now they are popular all over the world, did you know that there’s an American society for people who love hydrangeas?

This “pompom flower” radiates peace and nobility, making it a great flower to celebrate Independence with. With the sky blue shades transmitting understanding and gratitude, Hydrangea Arrangement is an ideal choice for fourth of July flowers.

July fourth flower- Hydrangea
July fourth flower- Hydrangea

However, what’s perhaps the most interesting thing about the flower is that it comes in so many different colors. This is because the coloring is defined by the aluminum ions in the soil. Ultimately, this means that you can even create a whole patriotic bouquet solely with hydrangeas. Alternatively, wreaths also look really beautiful on any door or table.

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Don’t Forget the Lilies

There are many white blossoms you can incorporate into your fourth of July flower arrangements. For example, white peonies were a favorite among several first ladies. Yet, we have another personal favorite. While lilies are not only magnificent, their shape also resembles stars – just like those on the American flag.

Lily is the symbol of purity, commitment, and rebirth. In the context of patriotic celebrations, it is often used to display the courage, dignity, and integrity of American soldiers. With its majesty and versatility, the lily also brightens up any bouquet or arrangement.

July fourth flower- Lily
July fourth flower – Lily

Flowers have been with humans for thousands of years, helping us express a range of different emotions – including the strive for a better future, freedom, and dignity. By connecting beauty with symbolism, flowers can help you create a truly memorable celebration of Independence Day – and the United States as a whole.

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