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7 Best Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas for Her

We get it if you’re sick of the same old Valentine’s Day date clichés. The usual dining out, watching a movie, and/or hitting the bars. If you take the time to look for romantic valentines day ideas for girlfriend, you’ll find a wealth of options.

We’ve got something for everyone. Even if you’re an active, outdoorsy type who enjoys getting your pulse pumping or a more laid-back inside kid who wants to cuddle up with your sweetie. Many of our options are also affordable, proving that a great date doesn’t have to be expensive.

Valentine’s Day Ideas
Valentine’s Day Ideas

Stargaze Together

Don’t forget to take a pillow and a cozy blanket. Toss on some tasty snacks with flowers petals over the blanket. And put on your favorite love playlist for your date under the stars. This could be one of the perfect romantic valentines day ideas for her. Enjoy the great outdoors, the ideal social distancing meet-up, and your sweetheart. 

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Take your Date to the Pool

For warm months, this might mean a roof deck with a water feature. For the cold months, it could be a jacuzzi or a public pool. Go look for the most romantic flowers for valentines day, add the petals to the water, and you are done! If you’re just hanging out poolside, it creates a relaxed and chill vibe.

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Go for a Water Ride

Alternatively, if you’d love to see things from the water, a water taxi or duck boat tour might be a great date choice (and some boats even serve beverages!). Obviously, this involves a river and some romantic valentine’s day flowers to add up the flavor.

Watch the Sun Rise

This may not be for everyone, for example, someone who dislikes getting up early. Not even at all times of the year, but there’s something magical about trucking out in the early morning. To watch the sky change color!  After that, treat yourself to brunch to celebrate your romantic valentines day.

Watch an Old Movie—Outside

During the summer, there are plenty of open-air venues to visit. Parks and rooftops; even better, many of them have old, classic movies or shows. The shared atmosphere and classic film are an ideal pairing. To her doorstep, you can send flowers for Valentine’s Day or order flowers for Valentine’s Day to where you are enjoying the night; the choice is yours.

Valentine’s Day Gift

Get Each Other a Gift

A date would be incomplete without some romantic valentines day gifts! Go to a store like Snapblooms and see if you can get something to make your partner smile. Consider purchasing romantic valentines day gifts for her. The one she has always wanted or even just presenting a romantic flower arrangements valentine’s day flowers. Or just window-shop the oddities together and enjoy each other’s company.

Go to the Beach

If the weather is nice and you stay close to an ocean or a lake, a day out on the sand is always a romantic date spot. Go look for some romantic decorating ideas for valentines day over the internet. Wear a beach-style t-shirt and plan romantic valentines day gifts for her in advance. Soak up some rays near the water, and as the day winds down, take a romantic stroll with the setting sun as an Instagram-worthy backdrop.

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There you have it: a whole slew of date suggestions for all you adoring couples out there. To create the ideal Valentine’s Day date for your significant other, choose one of these and go look for flowers from Snapblooms. We are sure you’ll find a perfect bunch from us.

Make some adjustments, or even combine different options for your date. Plan ahead of time, have a pleasant laugh, and proudly celebrate your love.



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