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Oregon State Flower – Oregon Grape

Oregon grape (Mahonia aquifolium) is Oregon’s state flower, but it’s not really considered a true grape at all; it’s actually part of the barberry family (Berberidaceae). In its native region, which spans from the coastal areas of northern California to British Columbia, the Oregon grape is an evergreen shrub that can grow as tall as 6 feet in height. This woody vine produces clusters of yellow flowers in early to mid-spring and then bears small red berries that are edible and tasty when cooked.

The Official State Flower of Oregon

The Official State Flower of Oregon

The history of the flower of Oregon is a long and complicated one. It wasn’t until 1899 that the Oregon Legislature finally settled on the Oregon grape (Mahonia aquifolium) as the official state flower. This decision was largely due to the efforts of a small group of Oregonians who lobbied for the selection of the Oregon grape.

The Oregon grape is a native plant that can be found in many parts of the state. It is a hardy plant that can grow in a variety of habitats, and it is known for its clusters of small, yellow flowers. 

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Cultural Significance of Oregon State Flower

Oregon grape state flower is a native plant of the Pacific Northwest and is found in the wild from British Columbia to Northern California. The Oregon grape is an evergreen shrub that grows in the understory of coniferous forests. It is a member of the barberry family and is closely related to the European barberry. The Oregon grape has long been used by Native Americans for its medicinal properties. The root of the plant is used to make a yellow dye and the berries are used to make wine. 

Oregon Grape Flower Meaning

The Oregon grape flower meaning is about the beautiful colors that it produces. The purple and yellow colors of the blossom symbolize the natural beauty of creation. In addition, the fragrant scent of the flower means that even when you cannot be there with a loved one, they will always be in your heart.

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Oregon State Flower Facts

  • Oregon grape is a species of tall evergreen shrub or small tree that is native to the Pacific Northwest region of North America. 
  • The plant has dark green leaves and clusters of small, purple berries. 
  • The berries are edible and have a tart, grape-like flavor. 
  • Oregon grape is used medicinally as an herbal remedy for digestive and skin problems.

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What is the Oregon state flower?

The Oregon state flower is the Oregon grape.

When did the Oregon state flower become the state flower?

The Oregon state flower became the state flower in 1899.

What does the Oregon state flower look like?

The Oregon state flower is a small, evergreen shrub with clusters of yellow flowers.

What does the Oregon state flower represent?

Oregon’s flower is a symbol of strength and endurance.

What is the history of the Oregon state flower?

In 1950, the Oregon State Legislature voted to adopt the Oregon grape (Mahonia aquifolium) as the official state flower. The Oregon grape was chosen for a number of reasons, including its hardiness, its beauty, and its usefulness.



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