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Everything about Lotus Flower: Origin, Symbolism & Meaning

A lotus is one of the most beautiful flowers that you would ever find. Lotus usually grows on water and swamps. Lotus flowers bring a sense of positivity and calmness into the atmosphere. So here, we are going to provide you with every detail about the lotus flower. From its origins to symbolisms and meaning as well.

The Meaning behind Lotus

Meaning behind Lotus

The lotus flower has been used in various cultures. In eastern cultures, it is held as a symbol of purity, enlightenment, and rebirth. The lotus flower meaning is scared. The lotus blooms in the dirtiest of waters. Still, it is considered to be a sacred symbol. The lotus flower is used for the worship of many Hindu gods and goddesses. The lotus is available in various colors such as white, pink, and the rare blue. The blue lotus only grows in the Himalayas. The rare blue lotus is used to worship the Hindu God Shiva. The lotus has also been held by Gautam Buddha who attained enlightenment and achieved the state of gods. The lotus is always considered to be a sacred symbol in Hindu and eastern cultures. It is also believed that the lotus flowers clean the water it thrives in.

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Where does the Lotus Flower Grow?

The lotus is the only flower that has the epithet of the national flower of two countries. The lotus is the national flower of Vietnam as well as India. In Indian cultures, the meaning behind a lotus flower is purity and sanity.  As Vietnam is dominated by Buddhist culture, so lotus is their national flower as well. Gautam Buddha held a lotus in his arms while achieving enlightenment. The lotus flower usually grows in dirty water and swamps. However, it is one of the most beautiful flowers you would ever see. It has gorgeous textures along with a very mild fragrance. The blue lotus grows on the hills of the Himalayas. It is the only place where one can find blue lotuses.

What does the Lotus Flower Stand for?

The significance of the lotus flower is major in Hindu and Buddhist cultures. Even in ancient Chinese cultures, the lotus flowers are considered to be a symbol of royalty and integrity. The lotus significance can be seen in many Chinese portraits where the king or queen is holding the flower. Even in the ancient Indian cultures, the lotus flower has been used for the worship of gods and goddesses. Many great yogis used lotus for their meditations as it helped them to concentrate better creates a very lively ambiance. In all the eastern cultures the lotus flower stands for rebirth, sanity, righteousness, and purity.

Lotus Flower Symbolic Meaning

Lotus Flower Symbolic Meaning

According to Buddhist culture, every individual with proper efforts can gain enlightenment. Gautam Budhha is often portrayed sitting on a lotus as it symbolizes the one who overcomes pain and emotions. The one who has been pure and has passed buoyed the worldly pleasures. Lotus is considered to be a symbol of purity so the one sitting on it needs to be physically as well as mentally pure. The basic lotus flower symbolism in Hindu, as well as Buddhist culture, is purity, enlightenment, sanity, and rebirth. It is believed that Gautam Buddha will have a rebirth that is why he is portrayed sitting on a lotus flower.

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Lotus Flower Spiritual Meaning

The lotus flower symbol is resurrection. The lotus flowers open their petals with the rays of sunlight and again close their petals at sunset. The spiritual meaning of the flower is rebirth and resurrection. The daily activities of the lotus are connected to the resurrection of life. We have often seen that in eastern cultures the lotus is used for worship. It is considered a sacred symbol because it depicts the ways of life. Gautam Buddha the one who attained enlightenment is portrayed sitting on a lotus because it is believed that he will have a rebirth.

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Lotus Flower Color Meanings

Lotus Flower Color Meanings

Every different color of lotus has a different meaning.

  • The red lotus flower signifies love, care, affection, and other romantic feelings.
  • The white lotus flower symbolizes peace, purity, and calmness.
  • The blue lotus flower, which is the rarest one, symbolizes a spirit’s victory over wisdom and knowledge.
  • The pink lotus flower symbolizes spiritual path & enlightenment.

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Although the lotus has been dubbed a spiritual figurehead by many cultures, it is most symbolic of our own faith. It’s exactly what the Buddhist proverb means;  “Living life with unwavering faith, as the lotus does, ensures the most beautiful revivals.”

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