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Flowers For Different Types Of Hair

Women have adorned their hair with flowers since ancient times when dressing up for any occasion involved wearing flowers in her hair, more so because traditionally flowers were worn as a means to convey something that was unspoken. And even today, whenever a woman wants to add a touch of elegance and femininity to her appearance, flowers are her first choice.

As time passed by, flowers went out of style and were not as much used as before. However, the classic style kept reviving itself time and again, and today we enjoy choosing fresh flowers for hair for almost every special occasion. If you have never considered wearing a flower in your hair, you might change your mind after you finish this article!

Flowers can be worn in so many different ways. Tuck one behind your ear or create braided hair with flowers. Or make a loose bun and wrap a garland around it. Based on the occasion and your hairstyle, the choice is unlimited.

There are flowers for every hair type. You can wear long, waist-length hair, or short hair with flowers with the same amount of style factor if you want. Curly hair with flowers looks so cute and adorable, and equally attractive is straight or wavy hair adorned by flowers. And when you wear bridal hair with flowers, it adds another level of charm in your appearance. In this article, we’ll discuss the best flowers for your hair, how to wear them and the best styles suitable for you.

Best Flowers for Your Hair
Best Flowers for Your Hair

14 Best Flowers for Your Hair

When it comes to wearing flowers in your hair, you can go with almost any flower of your choice. However, some flowers have traditionally been famous for how well they go with hairstyles. Here’s a list of 14 types of flowers that look best when worn in your hair.

1. Roses

Surprise with Roses

Send and Say it with Roses!!

Rose is one of the most popular flowers used for hairstyles. Rose has been associated with love and romance for ages. If you’re choosing your wedding hairstyle with flowers, a rose can be a very good option. Tucking roses into your bun or braiding your hair with it, roses can instantly make you feel like a princess on any occasion. Plus, there are so many colors available. You can easily match it with your outfit or create a new look with different colors.

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2. Daisy

Daisies look absolutely charming as hair accessories. They are also pocket-friendly, and widely available. If you want different hairstyles with flowers, you can consider different colored daisies – white, fuchsia, purple, or pink. You can also mix and match different colors and create different hairstyles for different occasions. Daisy will absolutely do justice to any casual look that you try.

3. Orchids

Orchids are amazing exotic flowers that are used to create hairstyles for special occasions. Among the bridal hair accessories flowers, the orchid is one of the most popular ones. If you want to wear your wedding hair with flowers, orchids can be a classic choice, especially if you pair it up with outfits that have pastel hues. You can mix and match with different-colored orchids and make your look special.

4. Dahlia

Dahlias are quite uncommon and they look extremely good on hair with matching outfits. If you are looking for some uncommon wedding hair accessories flowers, then we suggest you choose dahlias. You can choose to use the loose petals attached to your bun with pins, or tuck a few whole flowers in your braid, or on the side of your ear. Contrast the color of dahlia with your outfit and you are sure to turn a few heads at the function.

5. Lily

Lilies are beautiful and versatile. Whether you’re choosing fresh lilies or going for artificial realistic flowers for hair, lilies add a beautiful feminine touch to your appearance. Considering there are so many varieties of lilies available, you can always find just the right one perfect for your look. The size of lilies varies between 1 to 5 inches and hence, you can use the most appropriate one for your hairstyle. You can tuck a single white lily for an elegant look or you can also choose to tuck in a few in a low messy bun.

6. Peony

Fluffy peonies look beautiful but unfortunately, the season for the flower is brief. The size of peonies ranges from 3 to 6 inches and they come in various colors – cream, white, pink, coral, and lavender. Peonies have a subtle fragrance that lingers along and the flowers look undoubtedly amazing on hair. So, if you have any occasion between mid-springs to early summer, grab peonies for your hairstyle.

7. Poppy

Seemingly delicate, poppies have papery petals that look supremely elegant in your hair. The black center with red petals looks strikingly good in light-colored hair. Choose poppies and pair them up with frilly dresses for a different look. You can go with poppy flowers braided into hair, or nicely tuck one single flower in your ponytail, or create a more carefree look with a string of poppies tied to your open hair.

8. Gardenia

Gardenias are charming flowers in red, yellow, pink, or white that make beautiful and fragrant hair accessories. You can wear gardenias for both casual occasions and special ones. If you want prom hair with flowers, then tucking a gardenia behind your ear will look great. You can also wear gardenia flowers in short hair and sport a casual or rather beachy look.

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9. Baby’s Breath

Some of the best formal or party looks with flowers can be created with filler flowers like baby’s breath. These tiny white flowers look extremely elegant when tucked into a bun. Also, you can go with a waterfall hairstyle and pin them up to the crown portion. Baby’s breath complements any look when accessorized with other flowers like roses, sunflowers, daisies, or peonies.

Woman with sunflower in hair
Woman with sunflower in hair

10. Sunflowers

Sunflower Bouquet

Pick Your Favorite Sunflower Bouquet

Send sunflowers alone or with other fresh flowers, Browse SnapBlooms amazing and beautiful Sunflowers for Hairs collection.

Sunflowers are long-lasting flowers. That’s why they are perfect hair accessories for long events like a friend’s wedding. Sunflowers are bright and beautiful, widely available, and inexpensive as well. You can accessorize your hair with sunflowers while carrying out a casual look. Summers are perfect for tucking in some sunflowers in your hair, as it offers a refreshing and cheerful look. Wear it with a solid color dress or a floral gown and you’ll need very few accessories to complete the look. You can also amp up your wedding look with a sunflower combined with a bunch of baby’s breath.

11. Pansies

Pansies are gorgeous and one of the prettiest flowers that you can find. There are different colors available like purple, magenta, yellow, red, or white. You can combine pansies with daisies and tuck them into buns, braids, or even open hair. You can also tuck in a single pansy in your low bun. They make any hairstyle look perfect.

12. Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are for anyone in love with pastel colors. These flowers are available in different pastel shades like lilac, baby pink, lavender, and sky blue. These dreamy colors are an absolute match to your pastel shade dress and you can easily carry an elegant, refreshing look. On the contrary, you can also use these pastel-hued flowers if your outfit is of a darker shade. It complements both.

13. Camellia

Camellia flowers look similar to roses but are small in size and less fragrant. These are elegant flowers mostly suitable for romantic occasions. If you are looking forward to creating a hairstyle with flowers on your date, go with camellia. However, their season is brief just like peonies. So, make sure to adorn your hair with them whenever they are available, and create a nice and pretty hairstyle.

14. Chrysanthemum

These flowers are common at wedding functions. Chrysanthemums are available in different shades and as they are adorned in your hair for a bridal look, an absolutely gorgeous look is created.

Chrysanthemums symbolize happiness and optimism. So, wearing them at a wedding does indicate looking forward to a new life with happiness and positivity.

Best flowers for hair
Ways to Put Flowers in Your Hair

Different Ways to Put Flowers in Your Hair

It often happens that you want to create a new hairstyle with flowers, but you get confused about how to put flowers in your hair. Well, nowadays, there are several video tutorials available about how you tuck the flowers in your hair. It is most commonly done with hairpins. You can also simply tuck in the stem to a bun or a braid to achieve the same effect.

Different ways how you can wear the flowers

  1. Buns – Buns look elegant with gowns and dresses and on any special occasion you can create a bun and put flowers on it. Create a messy bun or a twisted bun and tuck in some peonies or peace lilies. You will have the perfect look.
  2. Braids – If you want a bohemian look, go with flowers tucked in a chunky braid. You can use daisies, pansies, poppies in your braid. However, if you have straight hair, making the flowers stay put can be a problem. So, set your hair using hairspray and then create the braided look.
  3. Open Wavy Hair – Create a wavy hair texture and simply adorn it with poppies, sunflowers for a carefree and casual look. As per the length of your hair, you can choose the number of flowers. You can either tuck one or many in a haphazard fashion.
  4. Headbands– Flower headbands are amazingly popular at weddings. From children to women, everyone can adorn a flower headband with their gowns. You can opt for small flowers like daisies or baby’s breath or you can even choose one large flower to place on the band.
  5. Flower Crowns– Grouping a few flowers like pansies or daisies with baby’s breath into a circle-shaped band is yet another amazing look. You can place your flower crown on loose waves or messy bun. They look simply amazing anyway.
  6. Top Hairdo – Since flowers go with any and every look, you can choose to create a top hairdo and then adorn it with pretty and elegant flowers. One of the most popular looks is to create a high bun and adorn it with a bunch of baby’s breath. For a more dramatic look, you can choose a rose or a sunflower as well.
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Hairstyles with flowers

Create Any look with Flowers

Flowers are your best friend when it comes to creating a fashionable yet classic look. Flowers can add more beauty to a simple hairstyle or even a simple outfit if you wear it right.

For choosing the right flowers, consider the occasion first. For weddings, go with pastel hydrangeas, baby’s breath, or white lilies and roses. If you want to experiment, you can tuck a sunflower with baby’s breath or use pansies or even gardenia. You can choose to experiment with any flower of any color variant. Whenever you want to add a special touch of elegance and cheerfulness to your outfit, wear flowers in your hair.



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