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Funeral Sprays

Elegant Funeral Standing Sprays provide a personalized tribute and living memorial. A Funeral Standing Spray is an arrangement of mixed flowers hand-designed on a wire stand and normally positioned near the casket. Send an elegant funeral spray to express your compassion. From a standing cross flower spray to classic standing flower sprays, you will find a beautiful arrangement to send from SnapBlooms. Delivery available today.

Funeral Spray Flowers

Funeral spray flowers are usually chosen by family members as well as close friends of the dead. This is primarily because this specific group of people would most likely be better aware of the taste of the deceased for their standing spray for funeral. 

SnapBlooms offers decent funeral sprays as well as funeral casket sprays that will cater to practically everyone’s needs and preferences while fully justifying the cause. 

Local florist partners of SnapBlooms are responsible for same day flowers delivery of funeral sprays that are often arranged in bigger displays so that they can be easily viewed by everyone who is here to attend the service. 

Funeral Flower Spray Arrangements

A lot of customers often get very confused while deciding on the most appropriate floral spray for funeral as there is a wide variety of flowers available that depict different meanings. For instance, lilies are used for signifying majesty, roses depict love and respect, carnations signify fascination, and so on. 

Luckily, SnapBlooms had made the work easy for its buyers by providing only the most suitable arrangements of standing spray funeral flowers and that's exactly what our local florist partners provides to them for funeral and sympathy flowers. 

Sending Funeral Spray Flower Arrangements

When sending funeral sprays and wreaths, buyers can choose to get them directly delivered to the funeral home, or choose to receive it at their own home so that they can carry it themselves to the venue. In case of same day flower delivery, the local florist partners of SnapBlooms will deliver the sympathy spray right on time to your chosen location. 

There is a large variety of funeral flowers casket spray arrangements available with us that buyers can choose to purchase. SnapBlooms provides the classic floral casket sprays that are ideal to send as a family member or as an individual along with a little note. Customers can write a precious memory on this note which will also help the deceased’s family to keep a note of the sender of the sympathy spray. 

The family is certainly going to feel thankful when you offer standing spray flowers along with your sympathy, condolences, and regards. 

Should I send flowers to a funeral home?

If you wish to, then by all means, send flowers directly to a funeral home. It is certainly a nice gesture to send flowers to the funeral home, and SnapBlooms makes it possible to get your flower delivered to a funeral home without a problem.


1. What is the difference between a funeral spray and a funeral wreath?

Sprays are floral arrangements that one can only view from one side. They are generally designed in the shape of a cross or a heart. On the contrary, a wreath is a circular arrangement that is supposedly used to represent eternal life.

2. Why do we send flowers to a funeral?

Flowers are typically sent to a funeral as a visual manifestation of one’s love, sympathy, grief, as well as respect towards the deceased.

3. What types of flowers should I send for a memorial service?

There are no fixed rules for choosing flowers for a funeral or memorial service. Lilies, Roses, Orchids, Chrysanthemums, Carnations- all are good choices for funerals. If you have a particular liking towards a certain flower, you can definitely choose that for a funeral, considering that it’s arranged tastefully.

4. What color should I pick for funeral flowers?

Whether you use them alone or in a floral arrangement with any other color, white flowers are generally the most common and appropriate choice for funeral and sympathy flowers. They represent purity and innocence and therefore, the majority of the flowers at funerals such as roses, carnations, or lilies are usually white. However, other colors including Red, Pink, Blue, and Yellow are also perfectly accepted flower colors for funerals.