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Birthday Gift Ideas

It can often be difficult to figure out what to get someone for their birthday. You may know someone well, but they can be impossible to buy for. What do you get the person who seems to have everything? Birthday flower arrangements are a wonderful alternative for a gift. Everyone loves to receive flowers, male or female. Giving a floral bouquet or plant can uplift their mood and make them feel special.


If you're worried about gifting someone an item that they don't need or will never use, flowers are the way to go. Ordering a bouquet has never been easier as they can be purchased online through a respectable site that works with local florists to deliver beautiful arrangements.

Read on to learn more about birthday gift ideas for that special person in your life. 

Birth Month Flowers

Everybody knows what their birthstone or zodiac sign is, but do they know what their birth month flower is? Each month in the year has one or two flowers that represent them, each with its own special meaning. 

When deciding on a bouquet for your loved one's birthday, it would add an individual touch to include one of their birth month's blooms in the birthday flowers. Below are the flowers associated with each month:


Carnation and snowdrop are the flowers connected with January. Be careful what color carnation you choose for the birthday arrangement. Different colors of that flower have various meanings. A pink carnation means "affection," but a yellow carnation is associated with "disappointment."

In the past, a snowdrop was thought to be bad luck since it often grew in cemeteries. In modern times, it means hope and beauty as it's one of the first flowers to start growing in late winter. 


For February birthdays, add a violet or primrose to the bouquet you choose. Violets signify loyalty and faithfulness. They are the perfect flower to represent the affection you feel for your loved one.  If you want to let your special person know that you can't imagine life without them, choose a primrose. The colorful petals will brighten up any arrangement you choose.


Daffodils, or narcissuses, are the perfect bloom for any March baby. This flower represents an unequaled or deep love you may have for the recipient. Daffodil is a common springtime or Easter flower, so they would look lovely in any springtime arrangement. 


April showers bring lovely spring flowers! Daisies and sweet peas belong to April. The daisy represents love, purity, and innocence. They are the perfect flower to exchange between friends.  The sweet pea exudes a wonderful fragrance and conveys blissful pleasure. They are also used as a way to say "goodbye." Either flower for the month of April would make a wonderful addition to a wildflower bouquet. 


May's flowers, Lily of the Valley and hawthorn, are a bit uncommon. Lily of the Valley represents a return to happiness and sweetness. The delicate white blossoms would add a touch of softness to birthday flowers.

If you're looking to give your loved one a plant, look at the hawthorn. It's bright blooms convey supreme happiness and hope. You can't go wrong with either bloom for May.


June brings us one of the most popular flowers, roses, and honeysuckle. Like carnations, the colors of roses each have their own particular meaning. Red is the most classic color used for romance during Valentine's Day. If you're looking for a birthday-themed shade, a delicate peach may work best.

Honeysuckle represents long-lasting bonds of love. This would be another good plant to give your recipient as they attract hummingbirds. Ask your florist for the best recommendation.


The larkspur and water lily are the birth flowers for July. Larkspur, or delphinium, conveys a strong love for the recipient. Like with roses and carnations, different shades of the flower have different meanings. Blue represents grace, while pink signifies fickleness, so choose wisely.

If your loved one has a pond in their yard, look at getting them a water lily. The flower represents majesty and purity. It also helps deter algae from growing in the water and is also a cool hangout spot for frogs and fish.


For the August baby in your life, choose from a gladiolus or poppy. Gladiolus are commonly used in floral bouquets as their distinctive tall shape makes them a statement flower. They convey integrity, remembrance, and calm.

Poppies are the state flower of California and the other birth flower for August. If you're looking to gift a plant or a packet of seeds to your recipient, poppies are the way to go. Gift a yellow poppy to convey success and wealth, or a red one, which means pleasure.


For those born in September, look at asters or morning glory flowers. Asters are bright purple and convey powerful love. They will add a wonderful splash of color to any floral arrangement.

Morning glories would make for a lovely plant for the gardening lover in your life. The vivid blooms signify affection.


Marigolds and cosmos are the birth flowers for October and they are beautiful flowers that love the sun. The sunny orange and yellow of marigolds convey beauty and optimism.

Cosmos make a beautiful plant for anyone's yard. The soft pink color signifies serenity and peace. Either bloom would make a wonderful gift for the October babies in your life. 


November is one of the few months that is only associated with one flower - the chrysanthemum. Mums come in a variety of colors, with each one having its own special meaning. A red one conveys love, while a white bloom signifies innocent and purity. Choose what shade you'd like with the recipient in mind. 


White narcissus and holly are the festive flowers for December. The white narcissus grows in the winter and signifies that you love the recipient just how they are.

Holly is associated with December for the holiday season. The plant means that you want your loved one to have happiness. Adding a few sprigs of holly to a birthday flower arrangement would add a festive touch.


Types of Birthday Flower Arrangements 

Now that you've decided to gift your loved one flowers for their birthday, it's time to choose the best arrangement for them. Whether you decide to pick some of their favorite blooms or flowers with a significant meaning, there is an arrangement for every person in your life.

  Below are some birthday gift ideas:

Red and White Affections

For those who enjoy a bold red and white themed arrangement, the Red and White Affection is perfect for them. The bouquet features red and white roses, white mums, and fresh greenery. This arrangement would make a lovely gift for any person in your life. 

Bright Summertime

When a birthday lands in late spring or early summer, look into a Bright Summertime bouquet. The beautiful blue and green hydrangeas, along with white roses and carnations will brighten up anyone's home. 

Purple Passion!

Purple and pink roses, lavender poms, gerbera daisies, and hypericum berries make up this glorious bouquet. This bouquet will make an impression on its recipient when it arrives on their doorstep. 

Fruit & Chocolate Basket

If you're unsure of what flowers to order someone, get them a chocolate and fruit basket instead. Filled with seasonal fruit and delectable chocolate, this basket would be a welcome gift for any occasion. 

Box Full of Sunshine

What better gift to receive than an actual box brimming with sunshine? Sunflowers, eucalyptus, and solidaster filler fill out this wooden box, bringing sunshine and warmth to your recipient's home. 

Simple Elegance

For a refined and sleek gift, choose Simple Elegance. White roses and hydrangeas make up this arrangement, with ferns filling in around the gorgeous blooms. 

Exotic Grace

For an arrangement that's a little bit different, check out Exotic Grace. The square vase comes with equisetum, yellow orchids, and red gladioli. This arrangement is sure to make an impact as a birthday gift. 

Tropical Hues

This arrangement is perfect for the person who enjoys the island lifestyle. Birds of paradise, purple orchids, red ginger, and luscious greenery make this an ideal summertime birthday flower arrangement. This arrangement would make a good gift for the man in your life who enjoys bold colors. 

Cheerful Daisies

Nothing brightens someone's day more than a vase full of cheery daisies. Peppered with tiny yellow roses and tucked into a yellow vase, this would be the perfect gift for the sunny person in your life.

Elegant Orchid & Succulents

If you'd like to gift someone a plant, an orchid is the way to go. A purple orchid would be the ideal gift for someone to keep at their home or on their desk. Since it is a plant, they won't have to worry about it dying after their birthday is done. They can enjoy it for months to come. 

Birthday Gift Ideas

Even if you know your recipient very well, it can still be difficult to figure out what to get them or even what type of flower they would like. If the person you're wanting to send flowers to is a man, don't be deterred. Men love to receive flowers or plants for any occasion.

Giving your father, son, husband, or even uncle a floral bouquet or houseplant for their birthday can be a great way to show your appreciation. Look for flowers that have bold colors or stronger shapes, like a Bird of Paradise. 

Sunflowers are another flower that men would enjoy. Everyone loves their sunny demeanor. An orchid plant would be another thoughtful gift to send to the man in your life. There are so many varieties to choose from if that's the route you'd like to take. 

When placing your flower order, consider adding on an additional item to round the gift out. With many flower shops, you can add on chocolates, candy, fruit, a teddy bear, or even balloons. Take your gift to the next level with add-ons. 

Check with your florist to see if they do relaxation baskets. A curated basket with candles, bath salts, essential oils, bath bombs, and anything else someone would need to have a relaxing evening would make an ideal gift. 

If you think your recipient would enjoy a food-only delivery, many flower shops also do food baskets. You can choose from chocolate, fruit, or any type of snack-based basket to have delivered. 

Visit your florist's website to see what possibilities they offer. A classic fruit or chocolate basket would make the perfect gift for anyone in your life. 

Many flower shops offer birthday cakes made completely out of flowers, so check with them to see if that's an option. While maybe not as tasty as a real cake, a flower cake would make a wonderful centerpiece on any table. 

Another unique birthday gift idea is a terrarium. A terrarium is a small glass vase or container that houses miniature plants. These plants can range from succulent to a more tropical variety. The possibilities are endless. 

With a succulent terrarium, there will be rocks and sands on the bottom of the vase. These can be customized with any color or style. A terrarium would be perfect for someone's office or home since it is like having a miniature garden at your fingertips. 

Terrariums are self-sustaining for the most part and require little care and upkeep. If your recipient enjoys plants but doesn't have the time to take care of them, a terrarium would be a great gift option.

Tips for Choosing an Arrangement

There are a few things to take into consideration when choosing a floral arrangement. If you're having the bouquet delivered to someone's office, think about the size of the arrangement. Go for a large bouquet if your recipient loves to be the center of attention. 

Someone may not want everyone crowding around their desk when they receive flowers. If that is the case, a smaller, more understated arrangement may be the way to go. Keep in mind if they will have room on their desk or in their office whatever size arrangement you choose. 

Whether you decide to go with their birth month flower or just their favorite blooms, make sure your arrangement sends the right message. With different shades of flowers meaning different things, you want to choose the right one for your recipient. 

If you need additional help, don't hesitate to contact the florist. They can provide recommendations based upon your information about the person you're sending them to. They are flower professionals and will choose the best arrangement to suit your needs. 

Flower Care

It can be frustrated to receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers only to have them begin to wilt within days. That doesn't have to be the case with the birthday flower arrangement you send or even one you would receive. Below are some tips for taking care of your cut flowers:

Change Your Water

Bacteria can grow quickly in stagnant water. Make sure to check the water level and refresh it every few days. Many arrangements come with flower food. Not only will it feed your flowers, but it will also deter bacteria from growing in the water. Be sure to add that in. 

Trim the Ends

Carefully remove your bouquet and trim the ends of the stems. Having fresh ends will enable the flowers to drink up water faster and more efficiently. If any leaves are in the water, be sure to remove them so they do not rot in the water.

Keep Out of Sunlight

Have your bouquet in an area of your home or office that doesn't get direct sunlight. You may think a lot of light would be good for flowers, but these blooms were cut at the peak of their life. More direct light will cause them to wilt faster. 

Wash Your Vase

Once you've enjoyed your flowers to their full potential, make sure you wash the vase thoroughly. You may want to reuse the vase for other flowers in the future. Run the vase through the dishwasher or clean in hot, soapy water to make sure it kills all bacteria. 

How to Order Flowers Online

Ordering flowers online has never been easier. You can even purchase arrangements the same day if you're looking to make a last-minute order. 

After you've selected the arrangement you'd like online, you can quickly add it to your cart. Customize the message you'd like included with the flower delivery. Select your delivery date and then purchase the arrangement. 

Sometimes it can be hard to figure out what to write in someone's birthday card if you're looking to do more than the typical "Happy Birthday." You can keep your message short and to the point or you can have it be a bit longer.

Include a few sentences about why that person means so much to you. Include a personal anecdote or an inside joke that they will appreciate. If their birthday is for a milestone, write a funny note about that. Personalizing the message will make them feel even more special. 

Whether you're planning days in advance or need to have a gift delivered the same day, ordering flowers online from a local florist has never been easier. Have confidence you're selecting the perfect gift for your recipient that they will treasure. 

Why Choose Snap Blooms 

Snap Blooms was founded by individuals who owned a flower shop in McLean, Virginia. The goal of Snap Blooms is to help local florists grow their business and increase their amount of customers.  The invention of the internet has been helpful in so many ways, but with that, large flower companies dominated floral bouquet ordering. People opted to order through their sites rather than directly through a local florist.

Especially for those ordering for someone who lived in a different area, it was easier for them to use one of those sites rather than trying to source a local florist. Unfortunately, those types of flower ordering sites take a big chunk of what the customer pays, with the florist barely receiving any of the amount. 

Snap Blooms helps eliminate the cost of a middleman and delivers orders directly to local shops. All the orders that are placed on the website are sent directly to a real, local florist. The bouquet is then hand-arranged and delivered with care to your loved one. 

Local florists are able to make good profits through orders placed on our website and the customers receive wonderfully full bouquets. Customer satisfaction and the livelihood of small business floral shops are our priority. 

When a customer places an order, they are able to choose which local flower shop makes their arrangement. This enables customers to have more control over their gift and go back to the shops that they enjoy. 

Snap Blooms puts customers first. Florists are able to put their full creativity into the orders they receive without having to skimp on the quality and quantity of flowers. The result is a wonderfully arranged bouquet that anyone would love to receive. 

Order Your Next Gift Now

Birthday shopping does not have to be complicated and stressful when you are giving the gift of flowers. Birthday flower arrangements are a wonderful way to show your recipient that you are thinking of them and appreciate them in your life.

Even if you don't live local to who you are sending flowers to, you don't need to worry about the quality of the gift they receive. Snap Blooms works directly with local florists to ensure you are getting what you pay for and your recipient receives a glorious arrangement. 

Contact us, if you have any questions and place your order within minutes today.