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Anniversary Flower Delivery Gift Ideas

What are your anniversary plans? Maybe dinner with your loved one?

How can you make sure this anniversary is perfect? 

The gift of anniversary flowers delivery will tell your loved one how much you treasure them. You can communicate so many things by sending romantic love flowers for your next anniversary.

Flower delivery gives your anniversary that extra element of surprise along with romance. Sending romantic flowers lets your partner know you've gone the extra mile to make them feel loved!

Keep reading to find the best flowers for an anniversary. 

Play the Numbers Game

Did you know each anniversary year has specified objects, colors, and flowers to correlate? Sending romantic flowers that match your anniversary year is a thoughtful and beautiful way to remember your special day together. Here are some popular milestone anniversary year details.

1st Anniversary

Year one's object to gift one another is paper, which symbolizes the fragility of a new beginning. The colors for the one year anniversary are gold and yellow. Carnations are the first anniversary's flower of choice. 

Carnations represent strength and affection. Your obvious choice here is a yellow and gold carnation themed arrangement. Rather than send anniversary flowers arrangements made of only carnations, ask the florist for an arrangement including carnations. 

If carnations aren't your sweetheart's favorite flower, consider recreating a wedding bouquet or floral arrangement from your special day. Imagine the look on her face when she receives an anniversary flower delivery that replicates when she held on your wedding day!

5th Anniversary

Suggested gifts for year five are items made from wood or, for less traditional couples, silverware. Fifth-anniversary colors are blue, pink, and turquoise and its gemstone is sapphire.

If you're planning anniversary flowers delivery for year five, send daisies! Daisies are the perfect flower for year five! To truly embody the fifth anniversary, send blue, pink, and turquoise flowers in a wood vase.

10th Anniversary

Traditionally, couples gift one another aluminum or tin on their 10th anniversary. Cheerful yellow blooms are the flower of choice for year ten and colors are blue and white. 

While you may not have an idea of how to make these elements work together with a floral arrangement, have no fear! puts you directly in touch with local floral shops. Professional florists would love to help make the elements of your 10th anniversary the best romantic love flowers you've ever sent!

15th Anniversary

Roses. The ultimate romantic love flowers. Red roses and romance are like the peanut butter and jelly of flower delivery. Like you and your loved one, they just belong together.

Couples traditionally gift each other crystal items to celebrate year 15. The color theme for the 15th year together is red. Anniversary flowers delivery of red roses in a crystal vase is the ultimate "I love you" statement to your special someone. 

Roses also carry significant meaning with their number and color. Steer clear of yellow roses, which symbolize friendship. Your 15th anniversary is not the time to tell your SO you just want to be friends.

A dozen roses is a classic expression of love and affection, you can't go wrong here. A flower delivery of two dozen roses emphasizes your affections even further. Some even send three dozen roses as an over the top representation of how much love they have for their spouse.

20th Anniversary

Twenty years together calls for a celebration with new china, daylilies, and emerald green. Daylillies hold great significance as they are often two-toned. This symbolizes two decades spend together.

Plan romantic flower delivery by partnering with a local florist. When you use to send flowers, local professionals will help you find the best flowers for an anniversary.

25th Anniversary

The silver anniversary! This one should be celebrated with irises and sterling silver The color of choice is, of course, silver. 

If you're looking to wow your loved one on your 25th anniversary, think about mailing flowers. The look of surprise when a beautiful bouquet of irises is delivered in a silver vase will be priceless! 

40th Anniversary

Year forty is everything red! Ruby red gifts and gems are what this anniversary is all about. The flower signifying 40 years is the nasturtium

While this may seem obscure, nasturtiums represent victory and triumph. Sending romantic flowers to celebrate 40 years together says "We'll continue to triumph together!" 

50th Anniversary 

All that glitters is gold! Your 50th anniversary should shine as bright as the two of you together. A 50th Anniversary flowers delivery should include gold and violets! Violets symbolize happiness and after 50 years together, you sure know all about that!

Make your loved one happy by mailing flowers! Romantic love flowers of violets with gold accents is a perfect way to celebrate your golden anniversary!

Personalize Your Anniversary Flowers Delivery

What's your loved one's favorite color or colors? Do they have a favorite flower? Romantic love flowers should send a personal message to your partner.

If you aren't sure how to incorporate your spouse's wishes into a flower delivery, just ask the pros! puts you in touch with local florists who can work with you to create the best flowers for an anniversary.

Remember When?

Sending romantic flowers could also invoke or symbolize a favorite memory. Maybe you used to love walking in fields of sunflowers together. Perhaps blooming peonies remind you of your springtime engagement or marriage.  

Incorporating memories into your anniversary flowers delivery is an excellent way to tell your partner how much you cherish your memories together.

Anniversary Flowers Delivery the Best Way

Now you've read about the best flowers for anniversary delivery. But how should you go about ordering your next anniversary flowers delivery? provides you with the convenience you need. Unlike other big-name companies, cuts out the middlemen by putting you in direct contact with local businesses. 

Ordering romantic love flowers through lets you decide what you want and how you'd like it delivered!

Contact us today, to start planning your next anniversary flowers delivery. Your loved ones will thank you!