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Kansas State Flower – Wild Sunflower

Official State Flower of Kansas

A Kansas state legislator spotted Kansans wearing sunflowers to recognize themselves as being from “the Sunflower State” in the late 1800s. George Morehouse was moved by this and proposed legislation to designate the sunflower the state’s official floral emblem. The wild Sunflower was designated as Kansas’ official state flower in 1903. Kansas Wild Sunflower flower is still abundant throughout the state, growing wild as well as in residential yards and industrial farms. In western Kansas, acres of wild Sunflowers keep popping up along the roadside each summer.

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Cultural Significance of State Flower of Kansas

The sunflower, with its round appearance and bright yellow blooms that resemble sun rays, holds significant cultural and spiritual importance for people all around the world. Sunflowers were said to face the sun because the nymph Clytie adored Apollo, the Sun God, according to the ancient Greeks. He adored her at first, but then he shifted his affections to another nymph. Clytie notified the other nymph’s father in a jealous frenzy, and he sentenced her to be buried alive as a punishment. Apollo was enraged and changed Clytie into a sunflower, but her attachment for him was so powerful that she followed him across the sky every day, just like sunflowers do.

State Flower of Kansas
Sunflower meaning

Wild Sunflower flower meaning

Around the world, sunflower has a variety of meanings. It can mean anything from optimism and power to admiration and loyalty, according to different cultures. It’s easy to understand why they’re so popular, with their bright yellow petals and towering green stalks. It’s the one-of-a-kind nature of this exquisite flower, which is why it is frequently used as a symbol of joy and congratulations. Sunflowers are supposed to provide good luck and long-term happiness in Chinese culture, hence why they are frequently offered at graduations and the launch of a new enterprise.

Sunflower Facts

Sunflowers are one of the most popular summer flowers, but there are few facts people don’t know about them. Here’s a rundown of some intriguing sunflower facts you might not know:

  • Sunflowers are members of the Asteraceae family, which includes daisies.
  • The sunflower is Russia’s and Ukraine’s national flower.
  • The Incas worshipped sunflowers because of their likeness to the life-giving sun.
  • Their seeds are high in calcium, allowing them a good source of nutrition.
  • The tallest sunflower ever measured 9.17 metres (30ft 1inch). It was first grown in 2014 in Karst, Germany, and it still retains the title today.
  • Sunflower seeds are available in two colors: black and striped. The black ones are used to manufacture oil, such as the supermarket sunflower oil, and the striped ones are frequently sold as healthful treats.

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Which State Flower is the Sunflower?

The Sunflower is the state flower of Kansas

Why is the sunflower the state flower of Kansas?

Long before Kansas became a state, the sunflower began to build a relationship with the state. People began wearing the flower, which prompted George Morehouse to pass legislation designating the flower as the state flower.

What color is the state flower of Kansas?

The flower’s head is made up of florets that are tightly clumped together. Its outer blossoms are available in red, orange, maroon, and yellow.

When did Kansas get its state flower?

The Kansas Legislature declared the sunflower to be the official state flower and floral emblem of the state in 1903.

How do I send flowers to Kansas?

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