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Camellia Flower: Origin, Meaning, and Symbolism

The camellia is a white-colored flower related to the sweet, citrusy orange and lemon trees. Growing for centuries in beamy sun lands, these plants hold the name of wild orange trees. They can be found around Tunisia and Morocco, Italy to Spain, and the Mediterranean Sea, but these flowers are native to India and China. These flowers give a very happy and cheerful vibe which is ideal for any happy occasion such as a birthday or wedding. Camellia flower bouquets are excellent gifts for weddings. They also have a very unique fragrance that makes any atmosphere happy. There are various camellia flower types.

Camellia Flower Origins

Camellia Flower Origins

The flower originated from Southeast Asian regions such as Japan, China, and the ranges of the Himalayas. Alabama state flower camellia is the official flower of the state. It is one of the best selective flowers that you would ever see. 

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Camellia Flower Meanings

The camellia flower is love, affection, and care according to the ancient Egyptian language of flowers. Every color of camellia has a unique meaning of its own. Some of the best camellia flower arrangements are vertical as well as crescent bouquets. The camellia flower’s spiritual meaning is passion, love, and sacrifice. In the United States of America, the camellia flower is widely used for the purpose of decoration of houses as they are very visually attractive and they have a very pleasant fragrance. It is even believed that planting camellia flowers outside the house create good luck. It can be grown quite easily as well so it is found in almost every household in Alabama. These flowers require minimum water and a cool atmosphere to grow properly.

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Camellia Flower Colors Meaning

Camellia Flower Colors Meaning

From ancient times it has been believed that different colors of the camellia flower have different meanings. The various colors of camellias have various symbols. Due to its mesmerizing fragrance, camellia flowers are pretty demanding in the perfume industry. Every individual enjoys the essence of this plant. That’s why they are used to make perfumes and essential oils, which are highly beneficial for a stable piece of mind and show a therapeutic effect in the body. These flowers also have various medicinal uses so they are great for the purpose of making medicines as well. These are some of the different camellia flowers and their meanings-

  • White camellia flower meaning– The white camellia flower symbolizes adoration and admiration.
  • Red camellia flower meaning– The red camellia flowers symbolize true love, passion, and empathy. They are one of the best flowers for happy occasions.
  • Pink camellia flower meaning– The pink camellia flower symbolizes the love for someone and also the feelings of missing them.
  • Purple camellia flower meaning– The purple camellia flowers symbolize love, devotion, and admiration towards loved ones.
  • Yellow camellia flower meaning– The yellow color of camellia symbolizes care, passion, and love. It is one of the brightest flowers and can cheer up any person’s mood.


When the camellia blooms?

There are over 260 species of camellias found all over the world. They bloom in winters, which are around the months of December and January.

Where the camellia blooms?

The camellia flower usually blooms in cold and dry regions. It blooms in the southern Asian regions of Japan and China. It also blooms in the Himalayan regions.

When to plant camellias?

The plantation of camellia flowers differs in different zones. In zone 6 and 7 they are planted in the spring season while in zones 8-10 they can be planted in the spring, autumn, or fall season.

How to grow camellias?

The camellia flowers are quite easy to grow. They just require a dry and partially cool temperature. They can be grown in jars as well. They do not need very much care and water so they could be ideal flowers for your home.

The Conclusion

Camellias are available in various colors such as red, pink, white, and various others. These flowers are often given on happy occasions as they give a very happy and cheerful vibe. They are the perfect bloom to give your loved ones on their special day. Shop online from SnapbBlooms. We offer instant delivery service for online flower delivery.



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