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Winter Plants

It's cold, it's winter! Brighten your home with SnapBloom’s winter plant collection. Order now from SnapBlooms and we will send you the best selection of annual plants for a bright winter with a range of hostas, jade, and more. Find the perfect one for your garden at a great price!

Even if summer is over, you can still enjoy fresh green plants in your home. While cut flowers might provide a flash of colour and brightness for a limited period, winter plants will provide a constant surge of life during the coldest months of the year. Browse SnapBlooms's range of winter plants online to discover the ideal amount of greenery to help you through the cold season, from air ferns to potted houseplants.

Popular Winter Plants

Poinsettia are the best winter plants. They are a Christmas favourite with brilliant red leaves that can last for months if given proper sunlight and water. Sansevieria (or snake plant) plants, for example, have been proven to filter the air. Throughout the winter, you can grow everything from outdoor winter plants like boxwood to conventional indoor plants like Pothos, Syngonium, and Succulents.

Certain bulb-based indoor plants that flower in winter, such as Amaryllis, Hyacinths, and Daffodils, can be grown to contrast the snowy scene outside.

Winter Plants Delivery

SnapBlooms make it simple to have winter flowers & plants delivered straight to your home or office. Whether you want a sophisticated conversation starter like a bonsai tree or terrarium or rather the rich greenery of poinsettias and snake plants. In colder climates, winter plants make excellent gifts. Choose a low-maintenance succulent or a vibrant shelf plant to keep them smiling over the winter months.


1. Can you order plants online in the winter?

Yes, you may order plants online at any time of year. However, if you buy houseplants in the winter, make sure they are kept warm when you get them home.

2. What plants are sold in winter?

These winter selling plants can not only withstand cold temperatures, but a few of them are also winter flowering plants and some even produce berries:Erica carnea, Clivia Sedum, Boxwood, Jade plant, ZZ plant. 

3. What plants will survive the winter?

Plants such as Wintergreen Boxwood, Coral Bells (Heuchera), Hostas, and Blue Spruce can withstand the harsh winter months.