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Outdoor Plants

With Outdoor Plants, it's time to bring in the green atmosphere- be it a housewarming, or a patio party. Shop SnapBloom's incredible selection of outdoor plants including lavender, boxwood, aloe vera and more. All lovingly grown by professionals with a lot of love, care, and devotion. All set for a free delivery!

Plants have always added a new dimension of freshness to our living spaces. If you're looking for new plants, SnapBlooms- an outdoor plant delivery service is the place to go. They will not only make your lawn beautiful, but also add a lot of green to the area.

Popular Outdoor Plants

If you want to add a splash of green to your home yard, there are a range of outdoor plants accessible online. Money Plants, Adenium Desert Roses, Syngonium Plants, Hibiscus Plants, Aloe Vera, Jade Plants, Bonsai Plants, Snake Plants, Spider Plants, and a variety of other plants are ideal for a home garden. Camellia, Lavender, and Peace Lilies are all popular choices for outdoor flowering plants.

Outdoor Plants Delivery

Send green plants online from SnapBlooms and deliver the freshness of nature to your loved ones' homes. Order from our selection of outdoor plants and have them delivered right to their door. All of them were created by local florists and are ready to bring in freshness. Why wait when we can deliver for free? Order our outdoor plants home delivery now!


1. How do I get my plant delivered?

You can order your plants from SnapBlooms and have them delivered to you. There's even a free delivery option with a variety of plants to pick from.

2. Can you send a plant to someone?

You may send plants to anyone, and sending outdoor plants as gifts is a lovely gesture.

3. What plants are good for outside all year round?

Some plants, such as violas, pansies, sedum, and boxwood are low maintenance outdoor plants and can be kept outside all year.