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Celebrate Hanukkah with festive flowers crafted in the most beautiful way! SnapBlooms has an assortment of flowers for you to choose from. Carnations, hydrangeas, and other Hanukkah flowers are available in lovely blue and white tones. This year, send flowers to say Happy Hanukkah and receive a free Hanukkah flowers delivery.

Hanukkah is observed every year for 8 days, and this year, it will be celebrated from December 18th to December 26th. This lovely festival brings families together to light the Menorah, give gifts, and eat delectable delicacies. Fill your home with gorgeous Hanukkah flowers throughout this eight-day celebration. With SnapBlooms, send a stunning Hanukkah flower arrangement to a faraway friend or family member this year. 

Popular Hanukkah Flowers to Send

This Hanukkah, why not send flowers to your Jewish friends and family? Hanukkah is a deeply symbolic festival, and flowers associated with it will go a fair way. Hanukkah flowers in white and blue will add beauty to their home and signify the colours of the Israeli flag, which shines for the Jewish people's country. Lilies, roses, carnations, alstroemeria, and hydrangeas are all excellent traditional hanukkah flowers. Traditional Hanukkah colours are blue and white, but if you know the family you're delivering to, you can match their decorations or preferred colors with the flowers.

Hanukkah Flower Arrangements & Gifts

Hanukkah floral arrangements are traditionally made of White and Blue flowers, although other shades like beige, yellow, orange, and red are also included in various Hanukkah flower arrangements. During this time, decorating your house with Hanukkah wreaths and Hanukkah floral arrangements are also common. Traditionally, white or blue roses, white lily, and white or blue hydrangea are considered to be the official Hanukkah flowers. But you can use any flower in blue, ivory, white, or even red and orange during Hanukkah. During and around this time, it is common for people to send each other Hanukkah gift baskets

If you’re looking for Hanukkah gift basket ideas, try including these items in your traditional Hanukkah gifts to make your gift more enjoyable and valued:

Fruit baskets

Scented Candles


Kosher cookbook


Hanukkah Flowers Delivery

Now with SnapBlooms, you can order Hanukkah flowers online from anywhere in the country and receive fresh and beautiful flower arrangements at your doorstep. A special Hanukkah flower delivery will add special dimensions to the Hanukkah celebrations.

Send Hanukkah gifts to your friends and family in advance so that they can enjoy the items during the Hanukkah days. SnapBlooms offers festive special deals and discounts before and during all major celebrations including Hanukkah. 

Order flowers and enjoy our free delivery services! Feel free to drop your queries, we are available to assist you with all of your floral requirements. 

Happy Hanukkah from the SnapBlooms Family!


1. Do people send flowers for Hanukkah?

Yes. Sending flowers is a terrific way to give someone a gift for the Jewish holiday.

2. What are the 3 traditional colors for Hanukkah?

Blue and white or blue and silver are common colors for Hanukkah decorations. The Israeli flag is the most obvious reason for Hanukkah's colours of blue and white.