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Hawaii State Flower–Yellow Hibiscus

Official State Flower of Hawaii

The Hibiscus flower, which comes in a variety of hues and variations, was once the official Hawaiian Islands territorial flower, which was designated in the early 1920s. Many of Hawaii’s symbols were established as part of the Hawaii Revised Statutes as the state neared statehood in 1959; however, it wasn’t until 1988 that the yellow Hibiscus, a native of the Hawaiian Islands, was designated as the state flower of Hawaii. As a result, you’ll see old images of the state flower being the red Hibiscus, or any other hue for that matter.

Cultural Significance of State Flower of Hawaii

Cultural Significance of State Flower of Hawaii

Hawaii state flower has wide range of cultural significance and uses for Hawaiians. In actuality, the state flower is H. Brackenridge, a yellow native to the Islands. Native Hawaiians called Pua Aloalo flower and used it for a variety of reasons.

Yellow hibiscus flower bark was used to produce outrigger canoe ropes, sandal straps, and clothes-stitching thread. Flowers were used to alleviate stomach disorders, while hibiscus wood was used to make cooking and heating charcoal.

In Hawaiian culture, hibiscus blossoms are frequently used as ornaments. Flowers in the hair are considered a symbol of beauty. Depending on which ear they’re tucked behind, they may represent the wearer’s availability for a romantic relationship may represent the wearer’s availability for a loving relationship, based on which ear they’re tucked behind.

Hibiscus leis are also popular, despite the fact that the blossoms are notoriously short-lived.

In terms of symbolism, flowers are frequently associated with hospitality. They can also represent authority and respect.

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Yellow Hibiscus Flower Meaning

The word “hibiscus” comes from the Greek word “hibiskos,” which means “mallow.” According to some, the term was coined by Pedanius Dioscorides, an ancient botanist. Hibiscus blossoms in yellow are generally connected with good fortune and luck. Other meanings associated with yellow hibiscus blooms are happiness and brightness.

Yellow Hibiscus Flower Facts

Yellow Hibiscus Flower Facts
  • From a modest 2 to 6-foot-tall shrub to a big 15 to 30-foot-tall tree, the yellow hibiscus comes in a variety of sizes. According to Native Plants Hawaii, the mature plant spreads 8 to 10 feet.
  • This hibiscus species has yellow flowers that are fragrance-free and have sharp prickles around the base.
  • Pua Aloalo, which means “green journeying introduced hibiscus,” is another name for this remarkable and lovely yellow hibiscus. Although the flower is yellow when it first blooms, it turns green as it ages.
  • Goats, calves, and pigs are among the predators that endanger Hawaii yellow hibiscus flower bushes. Other dangers include invasive plant species and urbanisation. In the past, fire and other naturally present occurrences severely reduced the number of plants. In 2007, a fire ravaged the Hawaiian island of Oahu, destroying 85 percent of the island’s yellow hibiscus.

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Which state flower is the Yellow Hibiscus?

Yellow hibiscus is the state flower of Hawaii.

What color is the state flower of Hawaii?

The state flower of Hawaii is yellow in color.

When did Hawaii get its state flower?

In the early 1920s, Hawaii adopted its state flower.

How do I send flowers to Hawaii?

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