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Flower of the Month: Daffodils

Have you ever noticed that where you see one daffodil, you see many? This is no coincidence; gifting or sending a bouquet of daffodils is said to ensure happiness and good luck to its recipient. With a trumpet-like crown in the center and a ring of bright petals around it, it’s quite hard not to smile in its mere presence.

The cheerful bloom, known to be a great indicator that winter is over, is often associated with new beginnings. Their captivating beauty has even inspired some of the greatest poets, such as William Wordsworth with his “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud” piece poem, bringing life to the sense of joy that comes from looking over a field of daffodils.

Although you might be familiar with the flower, let’s dig deeper into what daffodils represent and when to best gift them.

What do Daffodils Represent?

Daffodils are not only gorgeous but also rich in symbolism. They are often associated with medicine, dating back to ancient Roman times. It is said that daffodils were thought to contain healing properties, and thus treasured by Romans. The bulbs have been known to treat tumors in North Africa and Central America in the middle ages, and the roots to treat wounds in traditional Japanese medicine.

In ancient Greek, the legend of Narcissus tells the story of a man enamored by his own reflection in a pool of water. So vain and completely transfixed by his own image in the stream—he forgot to eat and sleep and died gazing at himself. In fact, it is said that daffodils bend their neck towards the ground to symbolize Narcissus admiring his image in the water.

In many cultures, daffodils Flower Arrangements are believed to bring good fortune. It is also Wales’ national flower and in this region, spotting the first daffodil of the season is a symbol of wealth that will follow you throughout the following twelve months. Similarly, in China, if a daffodil blooms in your garden on New Year’s Day, it will bring good fortune for the rest of the year.

Daffodils are also the official 10th wedding anniversary flower. They are so popular, that they’re even featured in modern movies. Big Fish displays a lovely field of daffodils (10,000 stems to be exact) in one of the most iconic scenes in popular culture.

When to Gift Daffodils

Ordering a bouquet of daffodils online to send to a loved one is always a good idea as symbolically they represent joy, prosperity and are a physical beauty. To wish your best friend success at an important job interview, send them a bouquet of yellow daffodils to help boost their mood and energy levels. Nothing says good luck more than the large bright petals on the trumpet-shaped bloom, sure to bring a smile to their face.

Looking for the perfect welcoming gift for your new neighbor? Start your relationship off on the right foot with a lovely daffodil arrangement to embrace new beginnings.

There’s never a wrong time to spread happiness and good fortune to those close to you and you can never go wrong with a bouquet of daffodils—with this, we can help. Browse through our gift giving ideas catalog and choose the perfect arrangement to send to your favorite people today.



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